Hello, everyone today in this post I’ll make you aware about the act of remaining alert. There might be several things which holds a state of remaining alert but here the question is that for what we have to remain alert? Is there any specific reason which makes you fall in that zone where you Read more about STAY ALERT OR STAY FOOLISH[…]


  Talking about dreams is very reluctant to those memories we all have in our childhood. Sometimes a dream to become a king of an empire or queen of a kingdom. Lots of hopes driven by stories in our mind ignites us to think of those things which we see in the outer world at Read more about DREAM LIFE Vs SATISFACTION LIFE[…]

5 Qualities of an unique listener

When we talk about an adjective to define a knowledgeable person we take care of lots of criteria into focus. In this post, I’ll make you aware of the qualities of a listener which is a crucial part of being a person of values. The first question to discuss is does listening and listening uniquely Read more about 5 Qualities of an unique listener[…]

THE FACE OF PERSISTENCE- by John lhejieto(5th position)

Someone once said “do not wait for the perfect time, create one”. Edgar could have sat all alone in his room waiting for his mother, he never knew that the mother will not return again. He set-up to do his house chores, singing in anxiety to welcome the mother back from market, he realized that Read more about THE FACE OF PERSISTENCE- by John lhejieto(5th position)[…]

CHOOSING THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE- by Alok Vishal(3rd Position)

As a “YOUTH” not only  you are thinking of yourself but for another or maybe a number of individuals in the world , who you wonder at times, how they function at all without you. It is a wonderful task and is everything that you make it to be , however, to be the best Read more about CHOOSING THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE- by Alok Vishal(3rd Position)[…]


One of the major problem for the youth of the country is they don’t aim for their future. Everyone have a bundle of work to do for their comfort and refreshment and different activities which do not need an aim. Are you serious about your aim? It’s great if you are saying “yes” or on Read more about APPY TPP RULE FOR SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE[…]


Importance Of Money For Youth

The revolution for our entire life depends upon one of the most important things that is money, without it we cannot move an inch for our survival. I have heard that many years ago there were nothing to give importance like money, everything was done by Barter system but as the era changed, everything got Read more about Importance Of Money For Youth[…]

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