Life Lessons from Guitar

Playing Guitar

Do you love listening to music? .

It feels so acoustic when listening to tunes of guitar, it soothes the mind and heart and it teaches us one important life lesson too.

When I was observing this picture it made me smile a bit because it taught me one important lesson of Hold and Play..

Look onto picture carefully that as long as one hold the string on the other side, string can’t make a soulful tune.

It means that whenever our tuning is going good in life then believe that on the other side someone is holding it with their blessings and prayers and if not then you need to hold some emotions to let other flow. .
We can’t put all the emotion at once in the life, every thing has a time and it happens accordingly. If your time is not going good don’t worry hold those emotions of pain and grief and start hitting the strings of your deeds and believe the results will be the soulful one.. .


Ajay Kumar Singh

Ajay Kumar

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