Letters of Emotion

A Postvan near Dharwal , Himachal Pradesh , India

Have your ever written a letter to anyone? 

I remember those days which were famous for writing letters, yaa I’m talking about early 90’s, writing a feeling in own words and sending it was popular at that time. 

I chose this picture because I wanna share something important with all of you that, you may have noticed that when communication was not easy we were writing in a postcard and filling it till end and then realize that the space is over but words did not but what happening today.. With superfast technology we are left with Good morning as Gm and Good night as Gn8 ..it feels technology increased but our thoughts decreased. 

We are walking out the the human relationships.. and if you feel to say something good to anyone, the first impression is of doubt towards each other that why he or she is getting nice to me and saying lots of words..

Guys realize that we are every day approaching towards our death, don’t run out of the time to get only material success, earn some emotions and relationships as well. 

I hope you’ll get it because I’ll keep on writing it everytime.


Ajay Kumar Singh

Ajay Kumar

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