The Ceremony of Commitment

Two Love Birds Engaging

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Whenever I use to attend any Marriage ceremony then there are two types of perception, one crowd is there to be part of that till their tummy is empty. After that bye bye.

Few people are there to actually, go with the ceremony till it gets completed but who are the most important part of the ceremony.. Yes you are right.

Bride and Groom

In today’s life people have taken marriages for granted and they feel it is just a holy function and nothing else. Let me tell you marriage is a commitment between two person in the name of the God, the universal energy which lies inside us as our soul commits to be with other person. 

But Why marriages are getting failed, Oh I’m not talking about Love and Arranged Marriages, I have been seeing cased where people get separated in Love marriages but in Arrange, domestic violence.. Oh my god.. Can’t talk about this.. 

I’m just sharing this thought on this topic because it’s needed to be clear that we can never apply of being in front or behind, we always need a parallelism in life to make it possible. If you are married, about to or will be in future this insight of life is needed for you.. 

Do respect each other because no one is doing job for you as a slave, Give importance to everyone who is in your life.


Ajay Kumar Singh 

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