The Curious Childhood

Children Swimming in ocean

Our precious childhood memories 

I do remember my childhood days, that how I used to do naughty things and relax after it. Getting scolded by mom and dad was common and rare both. I remember one incident when I use to cry for the things I wanted, and moreover I try to convince mom and dad for it. 

It feels so awesome that at such small age I was curious about getting but when I see people growing up they are putting up a barrier called logic in everything.Why this and Why that? 

Children in the above picture doesn’t put any logic, to swim in the water, they wanted so they are doing it and they’re happy with it but when it comes to our happiness we start comparing it with others first. We are running for searching happiness but actual happiness is always with them and it’s being yourself and nothing else. 

Try to make yourself happy first, rest will follow..


Ajay Kumar Singh 

Ajay Kumar

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