The Nature’s Break

A Man on a TreeHouse

Are you carrying problem with you? .

When I went to Nandankanan Zoological Park,Bhubaneshwar  for the first time It was really amusing for me to go close to nature’s beauty for the first time. As it’s really large in area I and my friends were looking every place and seeing animals over there.
In the meanwhile we discovered a place where there was lake and people were sitting quietly and were feeling the silence of the lake and it’s surroundings.
It was a pleasing moment for me because nature’s beauty was very close to me. .
There I realized that the problems which we carry all the time needs a settlement and for this we need a change in ambience as well

Nature gives us that aroma which makes us feel relaxed when we are stressed out. I know many of you are having many problems in life, it will always be there. Take a break, go out feel the nature, nothing is going too fast or too slow. You are getting everything on time, just enjoy it rather then worrying.

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