The Inspiring Meadows

Popping Meadows

Do you also have unfulfilled dreams? 

Looking into this picture can easily define that these are meadow flowers but One question that how can this picture be related to our life? 

Don’t worry I’ll tell you how 

You all are knowing that, most of the flowers have their origin in green color which is their base which grow up to give flower. But have you seen the color of flower same as color of stem and root. 

Every flower is of different color in spite of having same base , Similarly our life have the same base our culture, religion and amendments in which we are grown up but do all the budding flowers of the family will have same colour as the origin, there always will be a difference in it. 

This write up is for every parents who want to make their children same as they want but it can’t be possible, this nature is governed by differences in thoughts and will always be there..Accept the Blossomeness of children with their thoughts, let them explore the life and create a new record in their interested field… 

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Ajay Kumar

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