Life Lessons From Tea

Falling Tea into Cup 

Are you a tea lover? Then read below 

While I was seeing this picture many thoughts were coming into my mind but I got one thought which was defining all the thoughts..
I’m definitely not a tea lover but I drink it if time and occasion permits me. Starting from childhood since now I have been seeing different tastes and price of tea every where.

From a Rs 5 Tea at Road Side Shop to Rs 500 in Five start Hotels everyone is serving the tea but it creates a difference in value for what ?

Have you noticed ever, If not, Read below carefully 

Transforming of value of tea from Road side shop to Five star Hotel is not due to the quality of tea, it’s best sometimes in road side shop as well, the value is only for everything else outside. The cup, place , ambiance, hygiene many thing else. The same process for preparing the tea is followed every where the only difference is found outside. 

Similary in life, people only see what we are from outside and evaluate us, but the real world lies inside ,whether it’s a cup of tea or a person. Everything apart from tea can be reused but tea can’t, same as every thing outside the inner soul can be evaluated but not the inner soul. 

Don’t just dive into the outer world, go ahead for inside as well. 


Ajay Kumar Singh

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