Learning Bring Brightness

Girl and the book

While I was searching for this pic to relate any life experience with it, then I realized that this picture will have two different perspective of seeing it. 

First perspective to see this is to see the girl in the picture only and the second perspective is to see the book flying in air..

Well come to the third perspective which I see through this picture that, when we have the power of knowledge we will have the brighter side of the life. When we stop learning we will back to dankness..

Let’s make it more simple to you that, when our soul demands learning we will find a light to read anything, it’s true for all of us, but when we stop learning then, we don’t need any light.. It’s totally our choice to move in which side of life.. 

You better know you side… 

Don’t give up.. Keep learning 

Ajay Kumar Singh

Ajay Kumar

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