Unloading Problems Loading Happiness

Rising Balloons in Air


From our childhood, we are connected with some memories which will remain evergreen in our life

I remember in Winter season, Our School use to conduct annual sports in which I generally use to contribute in audience as I was not too much interested in sports but I wait for that moment every year when bunch of balloons were left into the air as a token of inauguration. It was very clear that due to helium gas it use to rise in sky and with that fact I cheer while seeing that balloons rising in the sky.

Being a Science student, I came to know that helium is having light weight so it can easily rise up and that science is reflected back in life too.
When we take lots of load into the life, we stop at a place unknowingly and it creates a state of stress and frustation for us. In simple language when you want to rise high, don’t take too much of load…

Yelling and crying for money can make you happy till it remains, and if you really want to become happy start earn and use to solve problems for others.. That’s the Life…


Ajay Kumar Singh

Ajay Kumar

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