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With Hope to get Food , Two children are Fishing

Picture seems to be interesting naaa…Yes it’s indeed.

This photo is from Assam where two children are practicing fishing for their livelihood.

The very first question that why I had choosen this photo , it’s having very simple answer that while looking into this picture I was thinking of a beautiful thoughts.

Sometimes we say that Why this happens with me but only when something wrong happens with us but when a good thing happen ?

I know we all have that answer , While looking into the pic I just felt that why we feed our body from other creatures . is this a genuine way to live a peaceful life. Then i got some answers that we all connected in a food chain and we need to maintain that balance of eating one another. We all studied the ecology and food chain ,but it was juts to get marks in exam but no one told us the actual reason why food chain is necessary in the world.

Similarly the bad time and good times are deployed for us in a chain and we have to go through it certain times. Then why to worry guys.

Smile enough when problems comes and remember that it’s going to change into good time soon.


Ajay Kumar Singh

Ajay Kumar

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