I’m not writing this article to showcase my writing skills or to create my image as one of the influential person in India.

This article is a product of all the outrage, anger, kindness, sadness, mercy, contentment & emotions which is somehow connected with all of us.

The line which is very famous in India “I’m proud to be an Indian “ is still a question for me ..How?

Engaging youths in political mess, Is it a matter of proud?

Making youths of India fight on the basis of religion, Is it a matter of proud?

Outraging useless rally just to Bann a film, Really…Just to Bann a film , Is it a matter of proud?

Diving into the ocean of lust to molest, rape and harass girls and shameful to say even infant babies…Is it a matter of Proud?

I know that some of you might have got the idea what’s this article is all about and it’s normal that some of you will ignore this article, Some of you will up to see whether there are any pictures or video embedded but before doing any of these things, I want to say one thing that if you can spend your precious time in reading religious and political message then you can also read this.

I know I’m bit emotional sometimes while writing but the topic make me so . Talking about India and its population and comparing it with other countries makes us proud Is it?

Wow, I’m saying in sarcastic tone because we only feel proud to have largest population comparing it with china and we feel happy that what a marvellous job , we have done .

Why we are not proud to have the largest poor population or biggest slum Dharavi, I think these must be added to the list, in proud India moments.

Why not we compare the education system of India with the other countries?

Well comparison is being done on some grounds whether its technology or medical, research or innovation. No doubt there are some great engineers, doctors and  scientists from India but do they live in India or whether they take their initial experience in India.

Are you telling “No” in your mind? Say it little louder I can’t Hear….

When we talk about education system in India , the majority of the education is cursed by a field called Engineering in which leaving few percent of students rest go into this field without knowing what to do in life? And its not the mistake of any parents or students because they are insane about it. In India except Engineering & Medical no other domain is known to any parents or students because we all Indians are influenced by the rusted media which have only two topics to telecast on their screen either the political agenda or the Hindu Muslim Debate.

Media channels is not talking about the biggest problem of India that is unemployment. As average age of India is 28 years it’s totally influenced by youths and if they wish they can change everything.

One of the renowned newsperson of India, Ravish Kumar started a series of program for raising voice for students and the problem of unemployment and other issues but who cares for it. Someone will say “ KEHNA AASAN HAI , KARNA NAHI “ , Oh god such stupid’s person in India , those who say this line , they are also just saying , Are they doing something? , The tea party near every teal stall if full of all these useless political talks marking each other’s limitation , that ‘all and back to their respective work.

Another thing is that many talented students who are studying in WhatsApp University keeps on maintaining the decorum of the university by sending the useless message and keeps their status of unemployed alive. Making a fake news and sharing it on all social handles is the main job of students from WhatsApp University.

The height of stupidity doesn’t stop here , the talented audience of India also tries to Ban china product in India. What a funniest thing ?..See the mind-set of people that when only few super talented people started this nonsense to ban Chinese product , go and ask them that the products they were using to share all these message are from which state of India?.. These super talented people can easily beat avengers and make their ears blood by speaking their nonsense talks.

I feel sometimes good for those people who leave abroad and remain free from these futile topics going every day in India. They are free from the mind-set where people start to take air by asking you are which caste and religion. They are free to move In roads because they know that no one will form a group of four and start doing strike in road and will burn vehicles and will damage to property.

Why the India is not changing? Why is it so? Because every stage if change is measured on the parameters of caste, religion, income, wealth, good , bad ..bla. Bla….nonsense to the power N… Where N is the number of supertalented people in India.

It’s true that this article will not make any difference in the society but I believe if any of you start thinking in a positive way of that What really matters to live peacefully in life, if you want to create a change you can.

There are infinite words to write about this outrage regarding the unproductive education system, the corrupt administrator , the Illogical Indian television and many more.

This article was just a start , I’ll keep on sharing my views on various other topics without any Maggi masala which will let you know the obstacles which stops you from growing in the democratic cum sarcastic country.

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