Hello, everyone today in this post I’ll make you aware about the act of remaining alert.
There might be several things which holds a state of remaining alert but here the question is that for what we have to remain alert?

Is there any specific reason which makes you fall in that zone where you feel insecure?

Is there any time with you where you feel trapped?

Is there any incident which remind you of your mistake?

There are lots of question embedded in our mind and every reason counts for an alert?
Why there is a need of staying alert?

And most important why there is an option for remaining foolish?
So let us explore the answers of the above questions with some inspiring theories.

The very first thing we need to remember for our surety that even if we are so much aware about everything but still we lack something which turns out to be more important in future.

Staying alert does not indicate about traffic rules, fire safety rules, over speeding etc. Here staying alert is just to make you aware about the probable complications which you might face in life in future.

There are plenty of changes in our attitude where we switch over from personal to professional life and vice-versa.
Have you ever thought that making yourself too good for someone reflects your image as bad too for someone?
Let us come across a clear example which will relate it with our day to day life.

Whenever you treat someone very nicely, with etiquettes and all things are aligned then at some point of time the person in front of you might also think that why this fellow is treating me so nicely?
Is her really good or he is selfish for some work?

I know that some of you might have encountered something very similar to it somewhere sometime in their life.
Here staying alert can say 2 things
The first one is that if the person is really good then also staying alert about the attitude and nature can do a lot to judge.

The second one is that if the person is not good but pretending to be then staying alert can save you from the negative consequence which can be caused by them.

Staying alert is best in a way that when you want someone to be within your circle, the art of being alert helps you to justify that person.

Staying alert can have different forms , alert from the person who use others as their asset , alert from addiction which can make you unhealthy , alert from negative works which can make you away from family and friends.
It’s very funny talking about the childish things like over speeding, roaming uselessly, behaving like nomads at young age.

The title itself says that if you are not alert , stay foolish because after knowing everything if you can’t implement it in your life then it’s better to be foolish who doesn’t know the difference between the right and wrong.

Staying alert is an art to recall the habit of accept and learn things easily and its incubated within us from our parents and teachers in different form.

Everyone might remember that when we were kids , our parents always make us alert to not go in dark at any place by using a term called ghost or an animal , just to make us alert that we can feel insecure in dark or we can get hurt by something.

Teachers too taught us this art of staying alert by using a good boy and good girl as a catalyst that good boys and girls have good manners and they have these qualities just to remain alert in society from not getting into bad circle.
Staying alert is always a solution for a problem but some of us remain foolish all the time neglecting it and thus we can’t achieve something in life.

Staying alert is just an another habit which makes us pre-ready for the future complications and it helps us to acknowledge people, society and other things.

Being a life coach and talking to thousands of people I gained some vital experiences of life which were totally different from each other is some or the other sense. We all know our condition, we all know what is right for us? , then also we lack certain things which pulls us down to the ground.

Remember one thing

A good life is always a summation of staying alert and moving ahead.


Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


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