Talking about dreams is very reluctant to those memories we all have in our childhood. Sometimes a dream to become a king of an empire or queen of a kingdom. Lots of hopes driven by stories in our mind ignites us to think of those things which we see in the outer world at very small age but very few of us can complete their childhood dream.

The main purpose to write this article is to make you aware about the features of a satisfied life and a dream life.

Let dig out the actual meaning of satisfaction in our life. When we talk about emotions or feelings which comes to a level making an equality with the expectations and the reality determines the satisfaction level.

So how many of you are satisfied with your current position?

I hope no one is saying “YES” to this?

Being happy or being satisfied brings a form of cherishing moment which captivates our mind to be within.

Don’t confuse, let’s make it simple.

Whenever we dream of something, we start to jot down every possible link related to it, for getting it accomplished but do you think the way in which we go through all these processes of getting closer to that dream brings satisfaction.

The simple answer is “NO” because when satisfaction comes into scene there comes a by-product called “CONSTANT COMPARISON”

This by-product seems to have a collection of two words but it’s having a profound meaning which affects everyone’s life.

Do you think that after getting that thing which we dreamed of makes us feel satisfied with our recurring expectations?

“NO’’ we are not because as soon as we are near to achieve our desired goal, a by-product of expectations “ CONSTANT COMPARISON” comes into the scene and it puts us in a loop to think that whether I’m getting the desired goal or it’s just an illusion.

Do I need more than this?

Am I satisfied?

There are many If’s & Do’s when we start comparing the condition which is totally a reflexive part of our thinking.

We start to assume by own that I should be getting those comforts which others are getting but still, we can’t decide with whom we have compared ourselves.

There are two conditions which we all face in life when we achieve something but very rare of us can realize it and I had done it.

It’s a very simple perception from my own life which will be the best way to explain.

When we achieve something we thought of, when dreams come true by our hard work & dedication we gain a linearity to feel proud at that time but after some time we start to saturate with a constant attitude of comparing.

Our mind is so clever that it makes us foolish we always start to compare our self with those people who are already in the field of that dream world which was our dream. We start comparing their demographics, comforts, the standard of living with ours and feel disappointed but one mind doesn’t allow us to think that all those people which are having all comforts in their side are by their attitude if investing time in a loyal way.

Most of us assume that as soon as we cross the first step of our dream we’ll get everything and from there onwards “ CONSTANT COMPARISON’’ starts which act as a seed of that plant which will bear disappointment, depression, frustration, under confidence as their fruits.

The thing which we need to do is if we can’t stop comparing then we can change the area of comparison and start comparison with those people who are aimless in their life they have nothing to do with and lots more adjectives are there to explain them in comparison to those persons you can see yourself much more worthy for some cause and you are among that crowd who are adding value to someone’s life by their work.

We all have our identity, we are worthy for some cause. Don’t let your life flow into streams of constant comparison where you’ll keep on comparing and other will grow by using a catalyst called satisfaction.

Here satisfaction doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to do in life. Satisfaction means that whatever we achieve on our dedication & determination it should resonate with our skills which we have.

If you want to achieve more keep on increasing your experience & skills and you can see that dreaming of something of something is just a thought but being satisfied with your own work is a feeling.

I hope you got the actual message of this article.

Please give your comments below and stay tuned with PepHour.

Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


  1. U have bring out the real difference what every one mostly the youth should know for there future…. Going on to high path wish you best of luck…

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