Before starting I would ask all of you reading this article that “Are you also suffocating in your life?”

The answer may be YES or NO but the most important thing is that when we are moving to shape our life there are many ups and downs, it may be due to internal reasons or external reasons but people are affected and it’s so common nowadays that everyone you look around yourself has a problem to share with you.

The above para is all about the base on which the thinking process will develop for the things which are going to come in next paragraphs.

Being a motivational speaker and a life coach, I always use to interact with several people to know their problems, providing them approx. solutions to figure out all those things but whenever I use to talk with a new person then a new side of life is viewed by me. Everyone is going through same problems which are the main obstacles in their life but still, the useless religious comments flows down the line that “Don’t do anything. God will bless You..” and many others, but do these statements really matter.

In all these dramas of being sticked to the values which are not allowing you to scale up is a sign of deterioration at a very slow rate but still, we enjoy all those lessons which only teach us to work for others but why is it important? The first thing to understand here is before doing for yourself, why to do for others?

The main reflection of being so connected with people justifies that our Indian values are defaulted to think more and work less because when we talk of the majority of youth in India at present time, they don’t even know that what they have to do in their life?. While talking to many of such youths I came to know that they are suffocating at their existing condition.

So now I’ll be taking you to some vital points of this suffocation which will make you think that are you also a part of this or not.
  1. To be very clear for this that today the youth of India are not self-driven but they are driven by some other people who only know to take an initiative to fight on the basis of religion, caste, race and other things and they know that making youth as their force is not a big deal.

The simple question to all of you that being so focused on becoming the part of a useless protest gives any return to your side?

Now also, some people will feel that all things which are written in this article are of no use because there always remain some species which are always ready to pull out the negativity in it but does it really matter to me, NO, because I believe that when I use to write, I’m free and independent with my choices and I don’t need to suffocate.

Almost 1 decade to go now but still, there is no change in some group of people who believe that fighting for their religion, caste, race and other rituals is very important rather in being a good human being.

One of the craziest and funniest thing about the mentality of people that all will become a monk of spiritualistic thoughts and values on Tuesday and Thursday because the people from up line have given a bunch of lessons that it an offence to your religion if you eat non vegetarian food on these two days because “—————————“ , lots of reason but not even a single to tell why because they also don’t know it and they carry it with all the power and wisdom to pass it to the downline.

But in comparison to it, we never look for the reason that what we want to do? Our idea mappings, dreams, commitments are suppressed by the upline knowledge sources which only indicate us to go in the crowd and lose your identity and forget to be unique.

  1. Everyone is appreciating the transformation in law, technology, science, body and other things but no one is thinking of transformation of thinking.

We use many things in a day which relates with our routine and rest for entertainment. In all of these, we come familiar with many such people and their talent either in real life or on television or social media and much more.

A very important message to parents because after reading it all the parents will think at least.

Whenever we enjoy we use to listen to music, watch dancing or comedy shows, movies and much more.

But do any of you ever think while listening to music that my son or daughter can also become a singer?

Do any of you ever think while watching people dancing or comedy shows that my son or daughter can also become a dancer or comedian.?

Do any of you ever think while watching movies that my son or daughter can also become an actor?

The answer is in the mind of every parent reading this and youth too who are suffocating at their existing condition.

If any of you think of their son and daughter that they can become anything they want then they are blessed by almighty and I truly appreciate it.

Talking about parental care is not just an issue of making then grow lengthwise but also to make then independent and grow mind wise.

A proper channel is to talk with the parents and their children to know in what field they can excel. Putting your thoughts and thinking can’t give result until and unless they will start moving with decisions which they take of their own.


  1. We all know that education is the basic building block of own growth. So we are in the process of obtaining it from our schools and universities. One thing to mark here in all of the cases is that whether it is school or college every time and everywhere teachers will always specify about doing hard work. But no one tells how to?

I strongly believe that from primary school only report card of students are filled with remarks of work hard or excellent but no one tells that how to work hard and if the student has excelled then how to maintain it?

This is only because the teachers are also in the same account of suffocating job which they are doing for earning a living but if teaching is act of sharing knowledge with students then there always exists a scope of motivation which teachers can provide at each level, but who cares to put their high-end energy to bring out something valuable , the things are flowing in the same manner for years and years and it always ends with repeated things.

Reading all the above paras might have changed your thinking for a while but it will get restored to its normal position again because we too are suffocating with our condition and to be free & independent , a move is required which is risky and no one wants to take it because none of the environment in which we are growing is taught us to take risk and face the failures to learn something.

Suffocation is everything that makes you bind within circumstances and youths of India are bound within it because thinking skill is near to 0 due to default paths craved for them by the crowd moving on that same path for many years.

To this problem, a solution is the only one that if the youths of India are allowed to express their talent without and “ WHY?” in front of them then they can bring out the massive change for this country and the problem of brain drain will also reduce years by years. Pushing majority of youths to engineer field doesn’t bring out a change in technology but it only increases the number of unemployed youth.

The government of India has several steps to provide a platform to showcase the skills but the first platform starts from home in form of parental care and second from schools and college to bring out best pieces of innovative mind in different fields.

A small request to all those is reading this that the article is valuable in the sense which can alter many suffocating minds. I hope these bunch of words are enough to express my views on the existing condition of youth in India.

Parents, teachers, and youths are too requested to take their growth seriously it may be empowered with joy and happiness but to live free and independent the basic need of a human is to control their world and senses and everyone can do it if they try again and again.

Ending with this para with a message that youths are the future of the nation, help them to build their own dream, don’t let them suffocate under the parental system, education system, political system and much more. Youth have that power that they can make such great and innovative things which are now illusion for us.


Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


  1. Bring up all the sides that let the people surrounded with their so called rituals, caste, religion and bound them to be a good human being… Great work by u may it can change some people thought…..

  2. Your text has elucidate the real trauma of the students and people going under these days. Good work Ajay.!!

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