5 Qualities of an unique listener

When we talk about an adjective to define a knowledgeable person we take care of lots of criteria into focus. In this post, I’ll make you aware of the qualities of a listener which is a crucial part of being a person of values.
The first question to discuss is does listening and listening uniquely are two different things?
Many of us believe that listening to words which are related to only our choices is the best way to learn fastly but who knows their choices wisely?

Do you know about the decisions you take in your life is by your own thoughts or it’s developed by some external source?

There are many questions like these which are unanswered but we have that calibre to go across these question to find out the power of listening which makes a person different from others.
These amazing 5 qualities co-relate with our understanding level by which we can match our basic life with these key points.

HEAR: – The first quality of a unique listener is hearing because every listening starts with a hearing. I know it’s a childish point because listening is only possible when we able to hear. If you are thinking it’s a childish one than really you are in a childish thinking. Let me give you a brief concept of listening and hearing. Whenever we get some sounds involuntarily from different sources it’s called the hearing, it’s because there might be situations where some incident is going on and you are only able to hear the sounds, not the proper wordings. Here one thing to keep in focus is that when we are attracted towards a sound from an external source and in the process to get to know it deeply it becomes listening. The hearing is the first way to get attached to some voice which tends you to listen.

ANALYZE: – On earth, everyone comes with an analysis of their life that how they can grow well, live well, earn well and no…no. I’m not going to say die well. Coming to the point, whenever we analyse something we search for our part of the benefit that what is really useful for us? A unique listening employs the concept of analysis that whether the information we have heard is of our use or not. A very simple instance to describe it that in many public places there always a group of people near a tea stall or some gathering places talking about politics, nowadays very common as if they are the member of parliament and also talking about their family, children and much more.
If you remember any instance like this you can go into the flashback to see whether those talks which you might have heard attracted you or made you think for next few hours or not.
There are several things to rely on but what we feel that if several groups of people are talking about a variety of topics then which one resonates with your current situation. Like for example if you are a student then you must connect with the talks which are on the current situation of jobs. Each and every section of things are discussed in the outer world but we have to analyse only those pieces which are adding value to our life.

MEDITATE: – With the name of this point it goes only in one direction which tells about how much we care for the words we listen. Meditation is all about adjusting your focus at one place to get the perfect shot. Here the meditation part is worthy one which is required to filter out the positive points of the words or information we hear or analyse. It’s very important at this point of time because hearing and analysing make you reach to the top but meditation keeps you there for a long time. In some cases when we hear something which is of our users, we need to think that is it really worth. Is there any other way? And many things but meditating on one aspect of every information provides a variety of chance to judge whether it’s valuable for us or not.

DIGEST: – Thinking of building a fort is a work of seconds but building it, in reality, is a huge thing. The same parallel effect is applicable for hearing. Reacting to some piece of information after analysing and meditating is called digesting it. In human body process of digestion of food is all about extracting the useful things after decomposing the food. The same process works here also by using our intelligence it helps us to digest the valuable key points which are required for the execution. The hearing, analysing and meditation all comes under the level of thinking precisely and in addition to it, digestion comes for opting the best points for further actions.

APPLY: – The most important quality of a unique listener is the application of information we heard, analysed, meditated and digested. In simple words going through all these stages and gathering knowledge at mind, level does not work until and unless we apply it. The main use of applying it is making it compatible with the external sources so that by using it we can make our presence a memorable one.

All these 5 qualities are enough to make you worthy person for others because whenever you know these qualities which define you internally who will surely gain some importance in eyes of another person. A memorable lesson to learn from this article is that when you develop patience in your attitude then all these 5 qualities will come under it like a default premium package of transforming yourself into a better person.

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