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Education system of any country act as the building block of pillar in its development and with its use there are countless number of human who came to know the world by the help of the this system.

Being in India we are proud to have an excellent education system which has different meaning for different people. Some of us appreciate it and some of us have lots of problem with it.

The reality behind the education system is extracted from the 18th century which has deep remarks showing that India was almost 100% literate before the Britishers came to India.

The need of knowing the truth behind the education system of India arised in the year 1931 when Mahatma Gandhi was attending 2nd round table conference. In that conference one of the Britisher said to Mahatma Gandhi that “If Britishers would not have reached India then there would not have any education system in the country”. In reply Mahatma Gandhi said that” If the British would not have come to India, the country would have better education system.”

In reply to the protest of that statement Britishers said that “Do you have any proof that the education system was better before the east India Company arrived to India”

Mahatma Gandhi said that “I have travelled every corner of my country and the remarks of ancient times say that there was a vast and strong education system in India”

The dispute was then arised in mind of Mahatma Gandhi when British government published the news that “Gandhi have proud on his country’s education system but he did not have any proof of it”

After the independence one of the social activist named professor Dharampal who was working with Mahatma Gandhi in quit India movement. He asked to Mahatma Gandhi that now we have achieved the independence so what my work is now. Gandhi Ji replied that” I had went for 2nd round table conference in 1931 and from that time I want to know the history about the Indian ancient education system”. Professor Dharampal made this statement as an aim of his life.

Professor Dharampal then went to London, then France, Germany and other places in Europe. He spent 40 years of his life in collecting all the facts about ancient education system of India.

Professor Dharampal came to know some of the unbelievable facts about the education system of India which are stated below.

It was the time when there was a British official named William Adam who worked after education system for about 40 years and his assistant Macaulay was asked to submit his report on it.The report was about 1700 pages which contains the facts about the ancient education system of India.

There was a report discussion in house of lords in the British parliament where Macaulay was presenting his exploration about the ancient education system of India.

On February 2nd, 1835 he said that ‘’I has visited length and breadth of India and I did not found any beggar or unemployed in India.”

Macaulay added to his statement that “I have visited many places like frankfurt,chicago,germany,moscow and London and the main thing he said that all the places together did not have that much of wealth which only Surat of India have.”

The most typical suggestion ever given by Macaulay was that “he said if British government want to make India as their slaves then they have to destroy their wealth, unity and diversity among themselves.”

British official asked Macaulay that what can be the effective way to destroy their wealth, unity and diversity. In reply to it Macaulay said “If we want to capture India we have to destroy the education system of India”

British officials asked Macaulay to present some facts about the education system of India and these facts are enough to prove that India was only country to hold these facts in the world.

  1. Macaulay said that in India there is complete literacy among people.
  2. In figures he said in south India 100%, west India 98%, east India 82%, central India and north India 87%.

In between one of the British official stood up and asked that what is the literacy rate of England?

The education minister at that time said that all over England there is less than 17% literacy as compared to India.

  1. Macaulay said that there are 7, 32,000 villages in India which have the greatest revenue.
  2. Macaulay also said that there are schools present in every village of India names as Gurukul.
  3. Macaulay briefly explained about the remarkable monitorial system of education which says that in one Gurukul the main teacher teaches the student of highest class and the students will teach to their juniors and the juniors will teach their juniors and so on., simply meaning that with one teacher all the students are being taught by the monitorial system.
  4. Macaulay also said that in south India there are 58% girls and 42% boys in schools.

The above fact does not only state the literacy rate but also the respect and the equity which was given to the girl child at that time and also when British did the first census in 1881 there was a result showing 53% women and 47% man in India.

It is quite shameful for all of us that what we are doing now? Are we free from these British policies which had made us bound to do which was not ever existed in India before.

  1. Macaulay Said That There Are 18 Subject Taught In The Guru Kul Of India. The Most Taught Subject In India Is Ganit(Mathematics),Then Khagol Shastra(Astronomical Science),Dhatu Vigyan(Metallurgy),Karigiri(Architectural Science),Bhautik Shastra(astro physics),rasayan Shastra(chemistry),chikitsa Shastra(medical science).
  2. Macaulay also explained that students enter in Gurukul at the age of 5 years and they came out at 22 years of age.
  3. The subjects are taught one by one which means that ganit is being taught for whole the year so that the students can concentrate o only one subject at a time.
  4. Then the question arised about the examination, Macaulay said that there is no examination system in India and the students are judged by the practical evaluation of the subject which means the work related to the subject is given to the students and they are judged according to their talent and they do not practice the theory of cramming the book for whole year and writing the examination in 3 hours.
  5. Macaulay was asked about the conditioning of England, then he replied that “there are only 240 schools in England and mathematics in not taught in the school but only the bible is being taught.

It is very strange in knowing the facts about the England that there were no schools present till 16th century.

  1. Macaulay said that there are 15.800 higher studies center in India like takshsila, nalanda.
  2. Macaulay said that these universities focuses on only one subject like Amravati vishwavidyalaya for metallurgy,kangra vishwavidyalaya for surgical science
  3. Macaulay also explained that in guru Kul of India most of the teachers are women because Indians believe that women’s have more qualities than men.
  4. William Adam says in addition of Macaulay’s report that there exist a guru Kul which is from 12th century near Vishakhapatnam which excels in civil engineering in which students had built the first dam on Cauvery river which has stone with  engraved year of 1238 on it.
  5. In fact the dam was built with stones and limestones in zigzag shape due to decrease the pressure of water which was only done by teacher and the student of guru Kul.
  6. Macaulay also briefed about one of the guru Kul of India where krishi vigyan (agricultural science) was taught in south India where they produced 56 quintals of rice in 1 acre land.

After all these discussions over 7 days in house of lords ,British official said that if we want to rule over India then we have to instruct our government which is in India to close all these gurukuls by proving them illegal.

British decided to implement a law that is Indian education act which made the rule that wherever there is education given in regional language is illegal according to the act.

Macaulay liberated the use of English language in every Gurukul and criticized the Gurukuls of India. Britishers destroyed the Gurukul, the guru Kul were set to fire, Teachers of GuruKul Were Killed. This Scene Continued From 1840 To 1940 Which Fully Changed The Education System Of India And Destroyed It.

British started convent schools which has a great abrupt meaning in European countries which says that convent schools are only made for orphans.

British officials decided to bind every Indian person who was working as slave to their work to send their children to convent schools for the education.

Now at the end of all these explanation now in India there are thousands of convent schools opened in India and it is very shameful in India that convent schools with name (bajranbali convent school, saraswati convent school and mahavir convent school) are running in India.

The residue of European convent schools have entered in the air of India and each and every person is in under arrest of it. Our Indian values are buried inside the pages of historical documents which can only be revealed by the youths of the country.

Now in India everyone is running for the same purpose that is for grabbing marks not for the knowledge and it is quite interesting that how it is possible to judge anybody’s knowledge in 3 hours of examination. We do not appreciate anyone to try the different field. We are itself running on the same path which had made us physically free from British rule but we are still mentally a slave to these European culture.

Ajay Kumar

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  1. Great work… These facts should be reached to every Indian and mostly to the parents who think convent school are best….

  2. True enough.
    I m just shocked at the Indian Mentality.
    I feel as if I m still slave of Brithishers.
    We should change our situation.

    • Really im so sad at present condition of girls our old generation respect girls Nd give them values really now I feel ashamed on today’s thinking in really sad😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  3. Awesome work … thank you for sharing such a important facts about our educational system .

  4. Still every one was commenting in english.
    Just you think and ask a question with any best software engineer who know sanskrut . if we use our sanskrut language instead of english to develop every software
    Revolution hepen with take strong stand not with coments

    Yatendra joshi

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