In this scholars generation where everyone is going through lots of education embedded environment, the results or outcomes expected on the other side the situation always shows that everyone who is educated will have all qualities of a good person & accordingly reflects his/ her presence for the future generation.

But is it really happening nowadays?

We have a habit that we always search for some returns whenever we invest our resources, whether in form of money or other way. The same thing is applicable for education also, the parents who invest lots of money for educating their child search for its return in form of their settlement to earn something.

But let me ask you one thing, that, Is the role of parents , teachers or any guiding person is only up to invest money to just earn money?

A different scenario of ancient India says that parents, teachers or and guiding person’s role was first to teach the child to become a worthy human in life for the survival. The values which are absorbed from the initial teachings of parents , teacher or guardian are those key points which makes a child to construct a new block of his own image which will be carried in future for the upcoming generation.

But in this article, I am not going to talk about the rituals, respect or values. Its only about the present scenario of generation which had made them fall into a situation in which they are under “ OPTIONAL HANDICAPPED CONDITION “ which had created a new definition of the new generation “ THE NECK DOWN GENERATION “ .

Most of us read newspapers, watch television daily. Did you find any single day that, any news regarding any criminal activity is not found there? It’s not possible now because we are too belonging to this neck down generation.

Everywhere whether it’s an eve-teasing, molestation, snatching, group fight, and rape and bla- bla.

We only know one thing that how fast we can move away from the incident place? Why so?

It’s only because, the society had made us the “Coward “for all others. We don’t have other things except talking in 9th cloud, sitting with few people that I can do that, I will do that but what for? Who cares for our talks other than few people?

Taking a stake to fight against the flaws of society doesn’t allow anyone to proceed. Every one of us have same power embedded in us but , what goes missing out is the eternal belief which we cannot up bring until and unless it comes upon our family.

What others are feeling goes in vague because there is no need of care for it by any means.

When something wrong is going on, Go and ask the audience around that lets go and save them? Will they move?

They will not in most of the cases, because everyone is thinking that he’ll go then I’ll go …and the stupid thought goes on recurring and the victim dies or survives badly.

Our generation is given a tool “MOBILE” most of you might be holding it now also, this tool is given for some work which we can do at any place at any time but one miracle happened with this tool that people started using it as a rescuing tool.

They’ll plug earphones, play a song, and watch a video or anything just to keep eyes on mobile so as to be the most innocent to overlook as if nothing is happening around them. These all activities make their neck down and move away ignoring everything. The Neck Down Generation not only means that the person who is using mobile are like this but most of us have certain overlook techniques which we apply to rescue our self from any incident.

The genetic disorder of our generation of overlooking by putting neck down and moving is the major cause which is a source of encouragement for those who are born for degrading our society.

It was a golden statement given by someone that “Change is the rule of nature” but no one said that the change would become worst one day.

I believe that no one is guilty for this neck down generation because we all contribute equally for it and nothing is left behind that will push us to make our neck up for some cause.

The only way which can kick out this genetic disorder is to create a belief in our heart, to create a respect, to create a mankind which will work as an accurate treatment and will give us a reason to make our neck upright with a fire of courage in our eyes to fight against all those problems which had made us mentally paralyzed.

I don’t know whether it will happen or not. Surely someone will laugh at this thought, someone will make a new biased thought and different results from different creative mind.

But one thing I definitely know that if only few people understand then they will not contribute to the crowd to become a part of neck down generation, then from that day the scenario of youth will change.

The biggest power of a country, the youth power, when they will raise their heads for eliminating the disease of overlooking then I believe that we can see a better future for our coming generation.

I hope my words will act as a message which will reach to everyone’s heart.

I know everything will be lost after closing this post but still with a flame of hope that there exist few people who understand this feelings and will pass this message to everyone.


Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


  1. You are right. No one will pay head to this coz everyone is searching for fun everywhere. If we want to make this society really responsible then we must have the power of youth which has urge to do really remarkable for this society and to change the present scenerio of it
    Now the big question arises how??
    Coz merely words can’t do anything, many persons read this and will back to their own lives.how to make it responsible.it’s not work of a single man.

    • I think if people like you will take this initiative to change everything then everything can be possible. Thanks Naina for your words..

      Keep Reading….

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