THE DECISION SEASON- Present Scenario of Students in India

In India, everyone knows about the five seasons but in this interesting post you will come across the most important season for students “THE DECISION SEASON”.

The intermediate results are out and there is a bit of spark of switching to next step of life in different field which will decide their future career.

The use and misuse of the current education system is entertained by all of us, whether they are teachers or students. The difference only is that some of us know the things and overlook and some of us doesn’t know.

There exist lots of question in mind of parents from very beginning of their child’s career that what they can do for them, selecting the right school, right college and many more.

In all these run away of thinking about career one thing is left behind that is the perfect decision.

Wait….Wait…” Perfect Decision “but about what?

Is it really important..? What makes it important?

Let us come across the suitable condition which determines the critical decision of career of students at particular point of time.

Every one of us is aware about the career options which can be directed after the intermediate exams because in today’s world we are surrounded by the internet of things and it has expanded our mind in both the ways positive and negative.

It’s a proven fact for all the Indian community that 70% of intermediate students will opt for engineering, 20% of students will opt for commerce and medical and rest 10% will select an option for either dropout or in other fields.

In all these ups and downs, very few students take their decision of their own. They keep on moving with an alignment after other decision. The parents too are equally contributory character in giving wrong decisive choice to their child because in their parental care they just want to see their child with a salary slip in their pocket and they believe that they’ll be successful.

In it’s another form, I had observed it personally that when a child goes along with the parent decision, they limit their talent to an extent and when they see other child breaking the record of their talent either in earning value of their image or money which is considered more important now, they only say that “Child is different, born with a talent.

What the bullshit, “The stupid statement ever heard ever “.

Does this really happen, born with a talent?

Let me ask you few question and along with it you’ll get the answer and a bit of smile on your face.

  1. Does an engineer born with tool kits in hand?


  1. Does a doctor born with stethoscope in hand?


  1. Does an army officer born with gun in hand?


There are many Does and many hands to ask.

Every single profession is for every one of us but only our limited thinking makes it standstill to only one thing. No need of piles of motivation to explain you all these. I hope you are smarter to think about it.

There are lots of if’s and but’s in every decision we take but it’s not necessary that every time we choose it will be the wrong one.

The self-decision is the major key factor for the best decision to take in anyone’s life but self-decision is only a word which cannot be explored completely it goes on deeper and deeper by the level of awareness we acquire.

This decision season comes every year where thousands of students take wrong decision for their career and curse the conditions.

The present condition of India is to that level of thinking in which when children fail on parent’s decision they curse their children that they haven’t done hard work, they are careless, they are of no use and many more and on the other side when children fail on their own decision they curse parents that why haven’t they gave me a choice for a career, they don’t have care of mine and many more.

To this sort of thinking there is nothing to explain, it’s the matter of courage when you are taking decisions like this for other or for yourself you need to think about the situation also when you’ll face failure. I’m not saying that parent’s decision is always wrong but do crosscheck with your dreams that., what you have thought to become, about your ignited dreams and search for that path which suits your strength and excellence.

Moving in a crowd will make you comfortable to some extent but what after few years..

Will you search for another crowd or you will create your different image?

The choice is all yours.

I’m not going to advice you about your career, it’s your career and if you are parent then of your child too. The decision matters in every situation we face in our life and when it’s comes to career it’s really important for everyone.

I have also a reason to write this because different people have different perspective of life and I believe that everyone is important. I got this topic by one of my closest friend Naina Gulati, while talking to her , she also cares for this topic a lot which pushed me to act seriously on this topic.

I believe, the career is most important decision of your life , so be serious I your decision and choose the best for you.



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