It was the great time in the month of May, 2014 when new task force of Indian government came into action for changing the worst condition of India. When more than half of the country threaded down their support on a single man then a new hope was arising with an aura that something is going to be changed.

When the government came into action, then there were several changes made in the law and order, the functioning, the facilities and for the corrupt also.

Everyone was appreciating for the great tie up movement for the poor people all over the country called “JAN- DHAN YOJNA” which brought a drastic implementation of opening accounts of those people who were not been attached to bank ever.

Then there were several MOU’s signed with different countries for the future growth of country in different fields, Prime Minister travelled several countries to adopt their advance technology which can be used in the country for its ultimate growth.

Then there comes the biggest decision ever on 8th November, 2016, the ban of currency to eradicate the corruption, terrorism and other activities which were not suitable for society.

Till now, you might be reading and thinking that am I supporter of BJP? Or Am I a die heart fan of Narendra Modi or have got any money to write this.

All the above thoughts are reasonable, because when something new happens, there’s always a possibility of getting all these kinds of stuffs in mind.

So let me tell you being a part of Indian democracy, I am just expressing, because of my right of RIGHT TO EXPRESS.

It was time when people everywhere in any corner of India were talking about the dark side of every ruling party. For the first time I found something new in the country. Some were appreciating the works and some were still fighting to know the defect in the system.

It’s very sad in saying that the building blocks of India, the youths are diverted to the new angle of politics. It’s been 3 years of the new government but now also, no one wants to accept the good deeds of the system.

Is it really important for youth of country to find their image in that sort of thing which give a lots of worst reflection to the society?

The preamble of India starts with “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA” but who cares for the meaning. The mentality of people of India has now gone to that level where we think of just cursing the ministers, the soldiers, the system and different governing bodies.

The unity of India has now been a hollow image from inside because no one wants to fight together but wants to fight within themselves sitting in a room, switching to live video format and recording several videos insulting soldiers of India, the system trolling about the ministers and the incidents in India is only the thing we can do.

None of us are eligible to say a single word to those soldiers or those governing bodies because we can only shout from our comfort zone and when its time to tackle the things in real life, we start to escape from it. The people who are, expressing their anger for the army and their working are those, who only know to vomit useless talks.

If they really feel that, the defence is working incorrectly, why don’t they go and join it, when the weapon and the power will be in their hands they are free to operate according to their choices but of it really happens no one will go for it because it needs a real courage to face the real problem.

People all around India are still having only one topic to talk on that is the defects in the government. No one cares to look on the working of the government. What things are changed in the country and what will be it’s future impact?

Few days before, I met with a man while travelling from Bhubaneshwar to Bokaro steel city in train, he explained about all the defects of the government like imposing different types of tax, no employment opportunities and other common stuffs. After that when I was returning to my home in a passenger vehicle there also two senior citizens were talking about the defect of the government.

All these talks were signifying only one thing that everyone was thinks about their problem, if their problem is sorted, then the government is working well but as soon as some problem will arise in any form then the government is bad.

Does it make any sense? Everyone knows that everything can’t be according to people’s choice but still people are greedy for their comfort zone.

The major power of India “YOUTH” now trapped with a mind-set that they are the important cause to change the Indian condition but no one knows how?

More than 80% of youth only know how to like, share, comment and tweet on several issues and nothing else they didn’t even know what had happen? They believe that doing these things will make them real patriots of India and they are always free to commence any unusual activities.

I know most of you will find this article useless but , what I know really that the message which is I want to give to the youth of India is only to “Be supportive” commenting on a person or a governing body from a comfort zone shows the cowardliness of the people.

If you are ready to accept the change which is done by the governing bodies in India, then support for their decision, no one knows when you’ll leading someone and the third person will comment on you then you’ll feel that is you work useless? At that time the series of question will never stop in mind and at that time you’ll think that “I have done this for welfare of people then why these comments?” The answer is simple because “No one accept the change which can change the world, it takes time and you need to fight for this.

Think of a time, if you’ll be leader of the team in which you are having a responsibility to take important decisions then for whom you’ll think for your comfort or for the people who are waiting for your decision. I believe that you know the answer.

Being a motivational speaker and a life coach, I have experienced mind-set of several people about this situation and I know that everyone wants to support the truth but still we are bounded with our responsibilities.

By this article, want to request all the citizens of India, to be supportive for the decision in which you can see the future growth of nation, it’s good to secure your present but also think for the comfort or facility for your future generation.

It’s the responsibility of every one of us to respect the governing body of India, the defence system and the decision because they are doing it for more than 100 crores people and finding out a common decision for every one of us is the toughest decision for the intellectuals.

I salute the people who support the good will movement of India and I believe that one day we will unite on one platform to our country rising.

The values starts from the home itself it’s the duty of every parents of India to inculcate that qualities in their child that they should fight for the reality and with a bonding and not with the feeling of religion, caste or any other reasons. The aggression is right but it’s useful when used in a proper place and time. Most of us believe that shouting is a fundamental right, then it is their childish behaviour, look over the situation and reaction of people who don’t know you they’ll decide whether you are right or not.

At last, I would only say that there will be many peoples who are only reading this to find spelling and grammatical mistakes but my message is not been into their minds. It’s quite common that when anyone says something right from inside the country no one look or care after it but when its from outside the country then its given a importance and the things go on viral easily.

I’ll also wait for the people to react on my text and let’s see how much importance is given to this message.

Try to give importance to the line of preamble “WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA”, don’t change WE to I, respect everyone by heart because no one knows that in future you’ll be holding a responsible post to take decision for your country.




Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach

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