The topic above has its own definition for the positive as well for the negative sides. I’m not wrong in saying that from our childhood the word “attitude” came up as the word for negative side in every one of our life.

There was a spontaneous change in motion of our way of realizing or reacting as we grow but the attitude factor remains same in most of the people because whatever the things they learn from the small age they carry that sort of thing and move ahead in life but does it really maters when people who care s more about their attitude are more stable or more happy?

Does anyone ever feel that the wrong attitude is the main factor of getting degraded in eyes of others?

Does anyone feel that the wrong attitude is also one factor to face failures?


Does anyone feel that the attitude is also a major factor for those who are successful ad worthy?

All these question are outcomes of the present condition of the crowd who is suffocating in the lack of proper goals of life, a right direction in life and a worthy cause to live.

Through this article I’ll try to make your vision clear about the actual attitude and how it can be developed to become human of values.

First of all let me take you to the actual meaning at attitude. In my view attitude simply means the response, the response for a definite action or to a condition. The body acts according to our thought process and that’s the attitude.

The influential society had brought several changes in our thinking process and one change when the word “attitude” is linked with someone then without knowing ups and downs we declare a result of negativity for that person because our mind is working according to our previous embedded thought which does not allow us to think in positive way when we talk about attitude.

Everyone say “ATTITUDE MATTERS” but do you think everyone mean it?…Very few…

In my observation of about 2 years I met with several people and found that, the connectivity does not last long because of their attitude towards others. People are making their life self oriented to limit it for themselves, they don’t want to expand either in positive way or negative way because no one is having a perfect reason for it. Attitude problems is a major problem in 3 out of 5 persons.

It’s interesting to say that but it’s true that in every organization a person hired for his skills but fired for his attitude.

But why does this happens?

There are lots of reasons behind it to act upon but few reason are common in everyone.

  1. State of Awareness- many times people carry a mind which is not much aware of things which causes them to drown in the mid of the sea. The scarcity of awareness creates an attitude problem in most of the people. Every reason is supported by example to support it and I would like to share one.


A boy of 16 years old, was a victim of mid awareness and he always like to debate unnecessarily on any topic. One day he was with his friends and was talking about the nuclear projects going on in India, the group was having 5 boys and he was the 5th one. They were talking and telling their views but this boy was creating a story to captivate the mind of others but still the other boys were knowing that what was the real facts about that topic and they started ignoring him? After few days, the boy was able to convince other boys by his useless talks that whatever he’ll say true or false, other’s will ignore it.

Here the little awareness was not the reason for hatred of other for that boy but his attitude of not agreeing or not staying to one specific information. Every time the boy tried to move to the superior level and hence the attitude took him all the way down.


  1. Acceptance- this is also a vital cause which brings a drastic change in attitude of people. Most of the times, there is no way to find the best in discussion rather than ignoring it. Everyone knows that no one is perfect, so why we try to pretend? The acceptance for a specific issue makes much more difference which comes as an attitude in the person.

Those who are ready to accept the change, are those who fall in positive attitude side and those who don’t accept fall in negative side.


  1. Mind Upbringing- There comes an important cause which focuses on the roots of our learning. The conditions which are being placed in our mind by the surroundings from the small age becomes our attitude.

When I was observing the main cause for this problem then I got an interesting point and it made me laugh because it was the height peak of foolishness, I had ever observed in people.

I saw a boy, who was sitting with his parents for a school interview to get admission in it. I was next to them, scrolling my news feed on Facebook. After 5 minutes, the parents were making their child ready for the interview. I found it interesting that inspite of saying or advising him about his future, they were telling something else.

The father said “suman, you are going to have a new school and being a boy of high caste family, you don’t have to fear for anything if anyone suppresses you or scold you , then you have to reply them in anyway”.

After listening these things, I was smiling and thinking about the height of foolishness that what kind of upbringing this child is been given and that advice will make him fall in the category of negative attitude affected person.

As the boy will grow he’ll never accept the thing which is beyond his thinking capabilities and  will make him down ranked in the society even if how much superior he will be in his own mind and which is of no use.

Now knowing these all things what’s the correct way of using the attitude.

According to my view of seeing the life is simple in a sense that everything which helps you to earn respect, values and develop culture are all tonics for the positive attitude. If these things are in a person then a person in full of aroma of thoughts which will always be positive.

Positive attitude does not only mean to rely upon only one thing, it means whatever the changes are going to come we need to accept it.

Attitude helps in achieving attitude only when there is a continuous push up for the goals for which you are running for. The dreams which we have in our life are most important for us because everyone wants to live their life with the extremities and feel the joy of success.

There are lots of successful person in the world who are having an attitude of learning, accepting and creating their value in others eyes at every possible opportunities.

We think of a great time in our life but only thinking cannot make it true? We have to work after it.

No one cares for others because everyone is living for their life but there are exceptions everywhere , you don’t have to be best you have to be unique.

Attitude really matters because it’s a gesture of your dream which will make your life worthy enough to be a part of others success.

Think of a life when you can proudly say to a crowd that “ accept my attitude” if you want to be successful in life. That moment is not different than an altitude of success, joy, dreams and infinite possibilities.

Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach

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