This topic will always be a vital one for everybody because in any form we have to be a teacher for someone in our life. It might be for our kids, friends or people around us. The concept of teaching does not only express to give knowledge but to realize the actual importance behind it.

Coming to the another view of teachers that whenever we have a desire to share our energy stored in mind which affects the mind-set and thinking style of people around them the actual motive of teaching comes to an action.

People have a misconception that teaching is the work which takes place and opportunity to get reflected but there is an another view which I had observed that teaching cannot be a work or opportunity, it’s a part of acceptance which we allow or disallow to come within us.

There are lots of teacher around us in many form but the main thing which matters is the perception level of our mind which enables us to add some new things or discard it.

I believe that teachers are those persons who wants his/her energy to be shared to every possible person around him/her. The problem which lies in every one of us that we have a default settings in our mind that teaching someone is unworthy because the person will not share my views and knowledge to others.

But considering the height of stupidity when it get an exclamation mark here that if you are teaching number of peoples then there might be many to ignore you but there exist few to share it afterwards and we call it exceptions.

Talking of too much of introduction about teaching thesis will make it complex, so let’s come to the point of the topic that what’s the actual motive behind it. All of you who are reading this might be a teacher by profession, a student, a normal working person, a writer, a speaker or other person. The main dilemma which I will make you aware of that what does a teacher really mean? The art of work of teachers and reality behind it.

We often talk about values which are the key points to decide anybody’s character with their way of talking, expressing themselves and reacting to others. The same thing is involved in case of a teacher also, the thing is that when a a person holds the ability to share his knowledge and experience in such a way that the person who is listening to him should get a clear vision in his mind. Most of the time I had seen in my career experience that there are very few teachers who holds this kind of specialty.

A real virtue of a teacher cannot be summed up in sentences but it’s of infinite features and specialty because of which, many times teachers are also called as second parent because at the small age, the teacher is one who arrange the complexity of all kinds of naughtiness of kids, try every day to inculcate some values to them, make them aware about the world and motivate them to live the life.

But all the above compliments goes in vague when it takes another turn in the role of teacher. Many times I found that most of the teachers try to dominate the students by their sort of thinking because they feel that what they think is the most superior of all which is correct in every sense.

This sort of thinking creates a biased mind for every person who experience these kind of teachers. Always there exist one golden rule for every one that “THERE IS A REQUIREMENT OF PREACHING BEFORE TEACHING” and it accounts for something which is valuable to become an exceptional teacher.

Let us walk through a common example which exist between us, In most of the period of life we spent it in school and colleges there are lots of teachers we met who taught us lots of things but it why it happens with every one that we remember only few of them.

Think for a minute then proceed…

I know it’s an incident which passes in everyone’s life and it’s a question which we ask to our self only that “ THERE SHOULD BE MORE TIME TO SPENT WITH THE THAT TEACHER , WHY THE TIME PASSES SO FASTLY? “..And I believe that it happens with everyone who is reading this.

The reason behind this situation is so simple that the teachers who understand the mind-set of the students are more capable to get in touch with them. I had explained about the use of “SMILE” in my one article “HOW TO INFLUENCE SOMEONE IN FIRST MEET?”…there I just only abbreviated about the use of smile which is the major factor to express yourself with an impact. But here the use of smile is found in two cases.

The first one is when the teacher found it really interesting to share the experiences with all the students and on the other side teacher smiles with feeling of over superiority that he is the only one to act as a dictator over all the

students. I know it’s little bit confusing but move along me you’ll get connected with my thoughts.

From the above para I just want to define the varieties which a teacher hold and which makes a teacher’s virtue different in eyes of other. Many of you might have seen the situation where teachers motivates and some teachers always demotivate. The foolishness inculcated in the 2nd category of teachers are always in their mind for every possible reason. These teachers are not good person from inside because they search for a reason to scold the students.

I had observed often talking to many of my friends and on social networks that the nature which a teacher exhibit in front of others is the only point to accept or reject him/her. The question might be arising that “what kind of nature?” The answer is simple that “How you react to the students?

I believes that teaching is not about showing superiority in the crowd that “I know these things and you don’t know anything”. Many of the teachers cannot experience the joy of teaching in their life because they don’t know that without adding values to the knowledge, it’s all waste.

So what about values, I am talking of, simply in my view values are those fundamental key points which contains the culture, behaviour, presence and potential to remain as a good part of the society but if teachers are running to fill the board with lots of information of which only 5% is used in earning purpose and rest all are only for maintaining digits in the results.

I would like to share my own experience of teaching with students of 11th and 12th standard that whatever I taught them was just to make them eligible for going to the next level of education but I too have inculcated lots of values in them which made them even more better and they can pass it to other people to make them valuable in society.

It’s all about thinking process that in the small age children are taught precisely because everyone say that they are in their learning stage. But what happens after few years, learning stage is over “WHAT RUBBISH?”.

Learning is a continuous process which cannot end and this is the main problem which exist inside us that we live in that society in which almost everyone yells that your learning stage is over?

In my view there are few qualities which makes the teacher more friendly and advantageous for others which we call exceptional.

SENSE OF HUMOR– Nobody is likely to behave in a decent manner when it comes to sense of humor, the differences comes in contact when

  1. the students become restless in the class because the spark of that energy is lost from their mind and this could be created by applying rule of sense of humor. Most of the teachers are always filled with this quality but the problem is that the teachers need to understand that when to apply it because selectivity of nature is the quickest decision taken by the human race because your first expression defines the future expressions and mind it because it really happens with everyone and there are people always present to judge.


  1. Capability of tolerance :- Everyone feels awkward when some outbound, things are said to a teacher in a crowd but looking from another insight the difference which makes it more impact able is only the capability of tolerance in a teacher. The human being makes a sense of acceptance or rejection in which certain thoughts strikes in the mind for few time. This sort of thing signifies that for a teacher there are lots of thoughts coming to the mind when it get in process to transfer energy which contains advises, knowledge or the teaching, there is need of capability of tolerance for it so as to keep the nature humble for the front one. The tolerance attitude is appreciated by everyone because it never reflect bad impression of a teacher rather than putting a strong impact.


  1. NEVER OPT FOR SUPERIORITY:- Here the concept is about the negative superiority which comes when a teacher start to impose their side of view on others. It’s not related to knowledge but it’s related to general observation which decides the front bringing of the people listening to them. A sign of great teacher comes when he/she comes to a result by observing the all the circumstances revolving around but it is seen in very few of them and I truly believe that being an exceptional teacher counts for an add up in the value which is required for the person to be act as mode of learning.


There might be lots of exception to this topic but in real sense a teacher has to hold lots of qualities with them and this requires lots of patience which is gained by the hardships of perfect practice and balancing the ups and down going on in the life.

We never know that being a human we also teach someone. Everybody teaches something and it takes nothing to teach anyone. May be it’s in a form of advising the younger one, helping the older ones or supporting the similar ones, everywhere teaching exist in its form.

Being an exceptional teacher clearly signifies that if there is a situation which is created to differentiate a person in a good or bad sense, then the exceptional qualities of a teacher come as a vital decision because the inculcation of all those qualities is by a great experience.

The ultimate purpose of writing this post is to clarify the points which is to be there in everyone because as a teacher our nature toward others is the main key which decides that the person is exceptional whether in good sense or bad sense.


Ajay Kumar

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