Often there are many statements which are interlinked to this topic but very few minds perceive it. An amazing corner for the wellness of our work directly points to the place where the crowd is always yelling only one thing “work hard”.

Is it really important to “work hard” , means if we relate our work with a rickshaw puller, he does the hardest work but is he able to scale his success “No” because he only knows the way to pull the rickshaw in one manner which cause lots of effort the whole day to earn small part of earning. The fact which supports this instance is that in the real world success is rewarded for mental pain which most of people say, but if it would be true then sportsperson would have not been entitled for Olympic medals.

Mental and physical pain goes in parallel path and in both the cases, efforts are same but act of doing every action differs person to person. We all have a strong side which motivates us to do hard work in different situation but when the work is done effectively and in right direction then it’s termed as smart work.

Many people are having different sort of talent in them but only few are able to realize it. The only problem which creates a lot of difference in a normal living and a successful living is the only way of work we do.

There are lots of example from the ancient times like inventions, modernization, technovation & many more. The only thing which made all these stuffs to come in front of world was the smart work behind these revolutions.

If I would take an example of an invention from the ancient times, the invention of bulb by Thomas Edison is the biggest and memorable example of smart work. Everyone knows that he was able to invent the bulb after the thousands of failures but one thing that might be unknown to everyone is that those thousands of failures were actually the search of one smartest way which was that one way which resulted in the invention of bulb. If the concept of hard work would have applied by Edison then he would be repeating the first way for years and years and the result would be the same every time. The smart work pushed Edison mind to try with different way every time which was the only uniqueness with him. Thus leading a revolutionary invention for the world.

work smarter

The idea which works more effectively in process of smart work is only way “ to try things every time” , we have a habit of feeding on a single way of doing things which does not scale our talent or strength. There might be infinite sources which are ready to uplift us every time we fall but very few are there to provide solution in which we can do our work efficiently.

Repeating same word time and again creates an irritation in mind. So taking you to the common example in which the smart work is having its greater impact on our livelihood.

Taking about the most common work done by all of us every day is completing the task in whichever field we are. I known there is a bit of confusion now also. So, profoundly making you aware that from ancient times till now there are lots of evidences of smart work. I also know that in some place hard work is applicable but here I am telling about the pure success in which our passion is reflected.

Think of a time when nothing was there, no gadgets, no devices, no comforts at that time people use to do hard work for everything but as the time passed, to escape from that hard work, a concept of smart work came into play, year after year an object was transforming into a new creative stuff and this smart work is known as invention. There are thousands of things which we use in our day to day life which transformed many times just because of smart work to make things more easy and ready to use.

There might be a question in your mind that why I am talking about invention till now? So, my friends the answer is simple, like those inventors who invented something for the world. You are also an inventor to transform your own life. Thousands of people are running in a crowd to achieve good life, money, prosperity, happiness and other things but it’s a truth that only few are able to achieve it.

Might be you are in those thousands or in few but I can say with my experience that smart work is much more effective than hard work. Running with a full speed in a wrong direction will never end with a goal. The same phenomena of misdirection , I had observed in many of the people around me.

I smile always when I think of the words that my father always use to say me that “ Hard work is the root of success”. I support this statement but in another way that “Hard work” is only for achieving one thing which is not scalable for the position we are dreaming of.

I love to support my every explanation by giving example and here I will simply make you aware that when a rickshaw puller, a worker, a farmer and anyone who works physically and mentally by putting lots of effort in completing one work but there is no scalability of their work because they have to do the same work again for achieving same success.

The concept of smart work only signifies that how effectively we can put our whole energy in our work which reduces working time and increase the productivity of work. We all practice this psychology at the time of playing, enjoying or doing some pleasurable stuffs but why we can’t apply it in our life activities.

Somebody is frustrated y burden of debt, some body is worried by fear of losing their job, somebody are in trouble that they couldn’t escape from their addiction and many others who don’t even know that they are in a degrading part of their life.

Everyone is running for the money, putting 16 hours a day to achieve their success but then also nothing can be achieved. Do you also lie in the same category? Just ask yourself then continue.

It’s an unbelievable thing that everyone is thinking differently towards each other work. Superiority is lying in everyone’s mind that I’m the only one to do hard work and rest others are having no work. This sort of thinking is the only cause which creates a rapid change in mind of people which make them stick towards the hard work.

If working on a plan, doesn’t give result then why it’s important to keep hovering with same plan, there are some other ways which is called smart work but people have a habit to layer one by one the same strategy which will not give any result but then also, they are trying and naming it as hard work. The solution to this problem is not discussed in any book, it is to be discussed with your own soul that whatever I’m doing, is it necessary for the future? , Does this work is reducing my labour and increasing my stability.

According to my view of analyzing this problem indicates me only one thing that people are trying to develop the habit of multi-focusing which is not possible. Everyone is trying to focus on several things at a time and saying that we are doing hard work all the day. It is acceptable that multitasking is valid for everyone because in our daily life we watch TV while eating, cycling and listening to music and many more but you cannot use our cell phones while reading this with a focus because a point is required to maintain the consistency of focus for the work we are doing.

The best way to opt out for the smart work is to learn the art of work which is proved as the best remedy for doing work smartly. No one on the earth is born with a perfection, things are learned with the lifespan and it creates a difference in successful and unsuccessful people as leaders always learn something till their last breathe but looses make them freeze at one place that now we will not learn anything. We know all the things and this behaviour misdirect them and they continue their working on same platform without thinking of any scalability and name it as hard work and also blame others that there is nothing achieved in doing hard work but they forget one thing that their attitude is only the main culprit in being a pure obstacle in the path of their success.

I thought of writing this because I always see many people working for hours and hours but then also they don’t get any result and it is one of the problem step towards the success.

There is nothing in world which can’t be achieved by hard work or smart work but every activity has it’s characteristics which used either hard work as input or smart work as output. Every time to get an optimized result, we need smart work around us.

The aroma of success is only felt when our purity reflects in the part of our life without that aroma nothing can be achieved. It’s good to be hard working but it’s best to be smart working. There are infinite knowledge we can gather but we need to be smart enough to go through.

I hope my words will alter your mind and you will get specific in your work smartly.


Ajay Kumar

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