Myself “Niharika Rai” I was student of “Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya Kurla”,now I am studying in “Swami Vivekananda Junior College Chembur”.This is my educational -introduction ,yet I have not said about my personal story of student life which I am going to share with you all.

I was in tenth in the year 2014-15 .I was one of the best student of my school ,not only because I was good in studies but also I used to take part in many extra –curricular activities and win prizes,eg.Drama,Group Dance, Essay Writing, Elocution etc. Everything was going well, so it`s what I decided to tell the story, all of you must be wondering.

So friends would you like to know what happened. “Battle between My Fortune and Hard work”. June 8, 2015 was the day of result of this battle. Because that day was result of my “SSC Maharashtra Board” exam .All of my teachers who taught me during 5 years from fifth to tenth class was expecting best result from me .All of my friends, my parents and myself was expecting to be topper of my school.

The afternoon of June 8,2015 was short of nightmare for us ,I got only 87% marks while I expected upto 94-95 % marks ,It was luck who won the battle ,My hard work was not able to stand against it .Because my friends who only wanted to pass also got 80 above marks, From that day my belief in hard work has reduced and raised in fortune .I have lost my confidence .because I have worked hard in right way ,in right direction but lost against luck factor.I gone through rechecking ,seeing my answer book I again realized need of  luck.

On July 17, 2015, I have got admission in “SWAMI VIVEKANAND JUNIOR COLLEGE” this is the college in which I want take admission in science section, I have not found any difficulty in this process because my marks are enough to get in; but this is not sufficient for a student kept high aim and lost it.

I was from “HINDI” medium in tenth and now I have to study totally in English in college with all this pressure of being failure in tenth was also with me. My marks has gone down and down in unit test, semester exams in eleventh , My elder sister was there with me to guide me , but because of low level of my self confidence , I was not able to raise up myself.

We all know every night has an END. I have made myself to work hard in right way but without any pressure of being topper in twelfth. I have again started my habit to go in different competitions. I have started my track of victory again, My result of unit test , semester in twelfth has again raised ; in first week of feb 2017 , I got my expected marks in twelfth prelim exam . Now my HSC boards exams are coming soon. I have prepared for it in my best way which I can, but this time again feeling of tenth failure has come in my mind. I made myself clear that my life is my own and no marks which will depend on luck can spoil my future because “LIFE WILL NOT TAKE ME AHEAD, I WILL LEAD MY LIFE IN MY BEST WAY”.

Now it`s time to judge myself confidence whether I will be able to prove my above words or not, after HSC result. This the only reason why I have made myself to write this story and send to this competition. The message which I want give to tenth student keep high aim and if you fail after hard work in right way ,go for “self-analysis” because “NO  TEACHER  IN  THE WORLD CAN  RAISE  YOUR  SELF  CONFIDENCE AS YOU”

Ajay Kumar

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