CHOOSING THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE- by Alok Vishal(3rd Position)

As a “YOUTH” not only  you are thinking of yourself but for another or maybe a number of individuals in the world , who you wonder at times, how they function at all without you. It is a wonderful task and is everything that you make it to be , however, to be the best you need to grow your own personal and professional development. This article will surely give a way or u can say a “SOLUTION” to your undirectional life  goal, because it deals with your success,and I am so  confident about it because I see you all getting profits in the form of a successful person in your future. Also where there is profit you can see numerous people around.So the same applies over here.

Before I write next I would like to ask something to all the people reading this article.The two most important questions are:  Do you love what you do and for whom you are working for/for whom you are doing this?


We all have personal answers for this,some say  it is money for others it is lifestyle, helping others or status in the community.  I believe work must offer more than money and status, it must offer you the chance to make a difference in the world you are living …not a fake one rather a real difference .


We all need to discover our potential and choose our path of success.  It is all about choosing the life we want to live as it gives us power and making the right choices in the life.If you think that your one wrong decision can make you suffer the entire life,(unless and until its about marriage),then you are the biggest fool at that point of time.

Life throws challenges one by one. Even if you missed one opportunity or could not take a good decision then life will give you another chance ,not to change the previous decision but to make the rest of the life according to what you want.Even in a cricket match if one decision from the captain hampers certain match , it doesn’t mean that  he will quit as a captain. In Fact in his next match, he will try to take a better decision by learning from his previous mistake.


So what do you do best?  What do you really enjoy?  Are you prepared to rise to the occasion and advance your career?  I will even be a bit cheeky and suggest that there maybe some of you reading this thinking of another journey you wish to take (and I don’t mean a cruise) but one where you establish your own business or seek,or doing what you are best at. Have you let opportunities pass you by because you have felt that you do not have the experience or the skills to take on that role? Many people stagnate in their jobs and even their own businesses, bored just going through the motions.For example,many students out their might think what this article has to do with them.It is equally important to all youth of this generation whether you are a working guy or a student.

Students suffer many problems in their college life.Few of them commit suicide  after losing hope from everywhere.For them their heartbeat is marks.If they fail then their heartbeat stops.But I believe that these marks cannot decide our future.Failures have been making history in this world,if you remember Albert Einstein. FAILURES are ruling the nation also if you know better. College life teaches us a lot of lessons apart from how tow to get marks in exams.Try to find that hidden talent in yourself that will help you to secure a better living in future.So all students out there don’t be demotivated by low marks,be double motivated because you have a better talent than getting marks.


College is not only meant for studying in pressure or for getting a degree for your parents.Its about giving direction to your life by knowing your hidden art/talent in which you want to grow in coming future.In a class of 60 -70 students ,only 10 are studious,20 are average,rest come for attendance. Well this is the current scenario of college life.

Work is a means to an end, not the end.  If you can’t put your values to work at your place of employment then put them to work somewhere else.Here are some points to guide you:

1.Values in the Workplace

Our work is not always aligned with what we do best.  Our values and actions maybe at cross purposes.Take a moment to write down your values and then take a look at the values of the company you are working for, or the field you want to go after college life.Are they aligned and is the workplace culture supporting those values?


It is important that you know your values and believe in yourself and the choices that you make.

 2.Career Journey Opportunities

Certain things you have to do to progress your career journey or create opportunities in your current workplace that will challenge and develop you professionally.There are some Educational courses to develop,additional skill sets, concepts to understand behaviours in the workplace or your field of interest.

Seeking out others in similar roles –

Find a Mentor or engage a Career Coach.Step up at work and take on additional projects and present your ideas on what you like to do.Seek out opportunities that will connect you with a company that you would like to work for or with the job you want to do in  future.

  3. Believe in yourself:

Being the best at what you do not only helps those who need you in the workplace, it also encourages others to be their best, believing in their potential and has you feeling confident, engaged and proud of what you achieve each day.

So my friend I wish you all the very best for your successful journey of life.I hope that my article must have encouraged you if you are really depressed from your life.Always remember that your parents want your happiness ,not your degree.Now you decide in what way you want to give them happiness.That’s the task for you guys out there.

Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


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