When we talk about face of any creature, it points the texture & design of that particular creature, but it’s hard to find more than 1 face in human at a time.

Even if there is no possibility of finding different faces at a single time but still there exist 3 faces in every human. It’s hard to believe that we grow up precisely if environment around is suitable in all the sense.

The 3 faces in every human, signifies that according to the external condition revolving around us, the faces in every human get changed from child to adult and adult to old.

I am not pointing towards the change in age of human which takes a period of 100 years to complete. I’m taking about the lateral change in face of every human which goes on changing by perception of different things which is use to happen in daily life.

Everyone know that, all types of actions, artificial creation or some stuffs which we use to live are made by humans except natural resources. In order to do all these things there was a new face in every inventor which changed the world.

Comparing with the truth of life, no one is worried or careful about the standstill of their single face in each particular age limit. There might be sometime in life when we face hard times and at that time there is a need of face change, which we can’t express or activate in ourselves easily.

The above stuffs might be creating a confusion in your mind that what exactly I am trying say. I truly believe that when something is making you confused, it means you are going to get some valuable things coming next in course. I don’t know whether above line had imparted a pinch of smile on your face thinking that what foolish I am talking but one thing is definite, that now you’ll go through whole post for finding that sort of thing that is really valuable.

Now coming to those 3 face change in every human which is observed or experienced by all of us.

It was hard to collect and gather valuable points for this topic but, I kept of observing people and finally I got it. It was amazing to observe that the first face in every human is of child, the period of an infant to a boy or girl sees many changes because of its growth period. The strongest of any child is their way of living the life. A child is not having any kind of worries because he or she understand everything as their fun side. In Spite of it, a child has more emotion than adult and old age.

Moving on to the second face in human life and the most important one also. The face of an adult is most crucial one for attaining the new adventures in life. The new possibilities and mile stones is a fun side in this face. The attraction regarding infinite things is usually a part of this face. Many times this face of adult goes through hard times but it takes a long time to recovery because the attachments are well and good with any sort of activity held in life.

The last one the old age face which is full of experience regarding all the do’s and don’ts of life comes out to be the most intellectual face in human because, the conditions in which this face goes on, bears lots of pain & happiness based on past experience of the whole life.

Reading about all the faces of human, now the time is to explore the correlation of all these things at a single point. There are lots of problems which exist in our day to day life.

Some people have problem with the wealth, health, relation or life. All these things are somehow interlinked. The interrelation of all these problems are within us, but we could not find the solution because we can’t change the face which is required at that time.

Think of a situation when we encounter any problem. Generally what happens, the problem has so much of impact on us that we are under stress and could not find any solution easily. At that point of time if we can change our face of adult to face of child which is having a bunch of reason to enjoy rather than being upset. If by any means we can switch our face to that face there will no issue of stress regarding any problem. The change of face is having a concept of maturing the inner soul which can act in any form when we want.

Sometimes there are problems regarding relation in every bonding form and people are so much captivated in case of recovering the relation because both sides, there is a thinking that I’m right and the other is wrong. Here in this case if the face of adult can be changed to face to face of old age then with the aroma of experience about the relation can be cured easily without any complications.

The biggest question roaming in everyone mind that how in everyone’s mind that how is it possible for an adult to act like old age people because , he/she had lot of time to go through that age.

The perception is somehow right but my view of understanding things is somehow different from others. The power of observation is the biggest factor in this case. Why we can’t act like old age if we observe old people and their way of thinking and taking decisions. The only way to change the face from one to another is by changing the mind and nothing else.

Everyone can act like child in different forms. It’s very interesting to talk about this face because when adult changes to child face, then he/she looks cuter than child. There might be a little bit of smile on your face because you also treat your loved ones in a childish manner. There are different terms used by everyone to address in their loving nature.

This power or activity of a human is outstanding in every sense because the change of face from one form to another is a weapon for fighting against calamities of life.

Only observing the things which the child do and an old person do are enough to percept many things which is required in our life now because there are no limits for difficulties, they’ll come every time some will rise and some will break.

Only by knowing how to switch these 3 faces in life can change the idea of living the life more peacefully till death.

The only aim for writing this post is to convert your mind which focuses on only one face but try to touch rest 2 which will make you standstill even in hard times of your life.

Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


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