Moving into the New Year is always a great side to start with new possibilities, a fresh and yet another chance to utilize every single day to add some values to our life.

But is it really happening in India? “The pillars of India –Youth” are now themselves unbalanced so why to think about their contribution to balance the country.

I had written this article just because it was required at this time. There are no limitations to go best or worst, everything depend upon our actions we do. People often say that conditions are not reliable to avoid certain things but what about those who are already unaffected remaining in the same condition.

Till now nobody has got the appropriate cause of reading this article, I’m talking about the alcoholism in youth. I know most of you will skip because, there is a predefined program which run in the mind of every one of us.”I know all these things, and there is no need to read more”. Some of you might have got a pinch of smile after reading this because what’s going on in mind if matches the actual text we take it as a miracle.

There are many cases which you all have faced when any of your friends gets drunk and creates a hell around surrounding, at that time we always have a tendency to let everything go easily by saying that he is our of the world now, let him say whatever he is saying, but does it actually stand to any height of tolerance.

I had also seen many of the youth that there is an amazing emergence of superiority when someone says that I’m an alcoholic. What the hell is any superiority hidden behind this?, If this is the cause behind superiority then why alcohols are banned in few places, why there is a situation always arising yelling that youth are drowning in the sea of alcohol. Why there is a need of darkness to feed on alcohol? The virtue in mind is always about the negative concept of alcohol but no one takes it seriously.

This is not just an article, it’s a question from all of the readers that why is it not possible to kick out net of alcoholism from life of youth of India. Some people appreciate it just because of their sake because selfishness is the biggest problem of human.

The concept that after drinking alcohol only there is scene of enjoyment is created is a great proof that there are still idiots roaming here and there. I just want to ask that which type of enjoyment people are experiencing. The enjoyment of slanging here and there, enjoyment of falling down on a road or enjoyment of roaming naked in public.

Do these enjoyments make people more valuable in creating their image more prestigious? You all know the answer very well. The situation nowadays is worst in most of the places, youth of India is severely under this net of alcoholism and it is the main fact which leads to most of the unbelievable crimes.

People talk about administration that why they don’t look over the criminals, but is it an acceptable thing which should persist in our society. People itself are not finding their way of balancing their friends, family members or any knowing person, but are ready to curse other person.

This is just one initiative by me that if this condition would be continuing then 80% of youth will be alcoholic in no time. The responsibility is ours and its starts from family itself.

So a humble request to all the readers who are reading this that it’s a major cause which can destroy your life or any other person you know. Please try to inculcate the nature of accepting the peace in a way which do not harm others. There are thousands of people who live their standard life in simple way without accepting the wrong way. I‘ll not give an example you all better know.

May my words will affect the thinking of yours, which will help the youth of India to build the nation strongly.

I don not keep any thought inside me, might be there are many people who are within this problem but a try can change your life.

This New Year has lot more to do, there are bunch of opportunities to discover, and youths of India are having such potential which can transform the country into a better living place.