Sometimes in a rush-hour going on every bit of time makes the planning of life so complex that we forget our side of peace. Over many years of research a spoonful result came into era that we humans do not give a single second to our mind for getting into peace intentionally.

Even if we say that there are lots of burden on everybody then a single superposed message came to our ear that “ I don’t have time , I’m very busy “ , but nobody knows what for? If reason is stated for being busy it’s worthy but if not what to do?

I am amazed after analysing these facts going around every day, every hour, every minute and every second.

Nobody cares about the peace of mind, which gives us a door for the rational thinking to increase our intelligence. Just to keep yourself busy all the day with some useless stuffs is an excuse and a pre-planned statement for letting the things go easily.

Have you ever thought of that moment when we give peace to our mind? May many of you would have the answer that when we sleep and I am sure about this answer.

The sleep mode in a body is just like production of thoughts when we don’t volunteer our body, nothing else. But if we found the actual peace while sleeping it’s just a snap of peace before going to deep sleep.

So what’s the reality? Let me tell you that our mind repeats the criteria of being organized in such a way that whatever we see, hear or speak comes one by one to that part of peace.

The deepest thought what I found in absolute peace of mind is to keep it away from all those things which make you think every time.

I mean the factors stated below:

  1. The factors which attracts you.
  2. The factors which make you upset.
  3. The factors which makes you enjoy.
  4. The factors which makes you negative.

And I believe all of us have these factors in any manner. But the factors are organized in such a manner that you cannot get a bit of second in a day to escape from it, and that’s the reason which makes us far from the absolute peace.


When I was writing this topic I thought of sharing a real life experience of a boy of just 13 years that how unknowingly he is far away from absolute peace.

The day started with great expectation to do a new thing, but as it happens all the time the factor of attraction came into role and the boy was attracted to the most popular thing “television”. After that sort of thing while watching television for hours, generally we get a scolding from our parents about it and for a minute or sometime we get upset with that small thing which is actually beneficial.

The mind changes from seeing a television to scolding and there was no gap in between these incidents. After that when the boy was in his room near the window he saw some children’s playing. His upset mind is now influenced by the factor of enjoy and he went for playing. In course of playing the boy was not performing god in the game , so other children again scolded him that he don’t know anything about the game and he cannot play well ever so keeping that thought in mind the factor of negativity came into play which get stuck into his mind and he went to home.

In all these instances, there was one thing which was lacking that was peace of mind. If the boy wold have the concept of absolute peace with him then no factors matters.

The boy can take things positively about the television, with that positive thought he must have not been upset and along with the peace of mind which might helped him taking decisions that if he is new to the group of children, they will surely try to make him out because everybody wants same type of people in their circle.

The actual use of peace of mind was required to discard all those negative thoughts that “I am not a good player, I can’t play and something else”. Everywhere only one thing was lacking that was absolute peace of mind.


After reading all the stuffs above there might be a question in mind that how to get it?. So let’s see how simple is it in getting touch with the absolute peace.

Let me go brief about it that what I do to get it and what you can also so ?

My starting and ending of day carries lots of things in which after every work I do , I sit for 10 minutes alone without any factors which distracts me or thinking about the next work to be done.

These 10 minutes are so important for me as it increases the energy levels of mind so that I can easily locate all those working criteria which takes me an hour to do.

Everywhere, every time you can get the aroma of silence if you get into peace mode without saying a single word to ourselves.

I know that it is quite difficult to get those 10 minutes but think deeply…”Are you busy enough that you can’t get 10 minutes for yourself which can change your life?

I believe that answer is hidden inside every one of us and if we ask it with a deep interest to optimize things which affect your daily route of life then we can get a perfect companion for our peace of mind.

I think it will surely leave some residue of important facts which in return will act as key points of success in your future ahead.