Know Your Importance On Earth


Do you know that everything present on the earth has some meaning and it has some sort of importance?

Every possible creature is responsible for its own importance and the most important thing of anyone’s life is how much important we are for others?

In today’s revolution of success, everything is equalized to money but there exist something which indicates that the value of our absence is not money, but the importance of our deeds which we have to do in our life span.


Before writing this I met several of youngsters who were in course of shaping their career. I use to ask them only one question that “The thing which you are doing right now. Is it going to make you important for others” the common answers were “No”, because most of them replied that they don’t even know that “Why are they doing that work?”

The state of mind of such people goes in depth of conditioning which influences them. The correct use of mind is not to take instructions from it but to give instructions to it.

Only two things are possible with our subconscious mind, either control it or it will control you.

The sentence above clearly focuses on the importance of a mind which makes it most powerful machine in the world but only 5-10% people on the earth control it and rest are under control of the mind.

You might have a question now that in which category you fall, most of the people think that they are among these 10% people but the reality comes when virtual perception get broken into pieces.

The clear differences between these two categories can be judged on two condition.

  1. The people who accept the change and are ready to change their thinking according to reality of nature but not virtually falls under those 10% people.


  1. The people who rejects and thinks as a superior species are among those 90% of population who are not ready to change their thinking at any level of life because they feel that they are correct in every parameter of life.


The comparison between the two types of person is only due to the state of mind. The mind control technique is much hard to learn as compared to our theoretical knowledge because it is an act which will always try to control us but we have to be determined that I’ll not be a passenger of my mind but I’ll be driver of my mind” and believe me this Concept Of Mind Control Will Make Your Importance Valuable.



People Often Say To Me That Conditions Are Not Adequate To Do Something Which Is Of Their Choice , It Was Quite Difficult for me to understand at beginning but thinking upon it , I got an answer that “ conditions are always same for everyone , the thing which matters is how we take it? “ . If we think it as a burden or useless then nothing will be affected because everything will remain as it is but if we take it as an opportunity then something we will get which will be worthy and is defined as “success”.

The most wonderful exploration which can be done by us is to find our importance on the earth. The use of our soul and the value which we can gain.


The power of belief is infinite because the state of mind makes it real when we belief of something, the concept of belief says that search for a cause which needs you.


Every single person have a cause to do something innovative but facts says that every 1 person out of 1000 complete it. Look over the pages of history that the inventions & innovations were explored because there was a cause for it.



Mahatma Gandhi found a cause to make India independent which helped him finding his importance on earth.


Martin cooper found a cause to make the communication smarter and effective which helped him finding his importance on earth.


Thomas Alva Edison found a cause to make the world free from dark which helped him finding his importance on earth and thus invented the bulb.

There are number of examples but what exactly, I am trying to convey that the cause is inside us, all we need to find it and implement it to know your importance on earth.


Everyone say only one thing that we cannot found the cause so we can change the world.


The answer to this doubt is that the first change yourself according to the cause which will make you stronger to change others.


I believe in this importance because I feel it around me.I always keep in mind that whatever thing which I will do for others will make them smile & happy. I have found my cause of changing this world by my thoughts and helping others.


After reading so many sentences, the only thing you have to keep in your mind that your cause will let you know your importance on earth. So, search your cause inside you which can make you important for others.


I am inspired with a quote I read in book “who will cry when you die?” By Robin Sharma that

“when we were born we cried & the world rejoiced, live your life in such a way that when we die let the world cry and we rejoice”.

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Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


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