Politics, a way to impose our policy by different thoughts, ideas, for the power to be in hand.

The above statement sounds good when it’s a political agenda of a country. The virtue of politics is familiar to everyone and most of us know the history behind the reality that what goes on in the politics? What are its consequences and how does it affect the chain and the elements involved in it?

Think of a state of mind when the politics is applied in life. What would be the scenario and how it encounter different phases of life?


In India each and every person is aware about politics and its consequences. But is the politics really affecting everyone in the world. Believe me “yes” because when jealousy, cruelty and hardness takes place in mind of a person regarding other person then the act of applying politics starts.

You might be thinking that politics is related to power, bureaucracy, government and many other synonyms but how does it affect our life.

Think over a situation when a leader promises to give each and every facility which he/she promised during elections. I am not pointing towards anyone but truly.do you think they are able to complete every promise? , is it possible to make everything get done after coming into power?

Some of you might say “no” because somewhere you also feel that politics is being done to gain the power and that power makes us blind in giving such commitments which they also don’t know how to start. Again the question arises that how does it affect our life?

It took 3 months for me to analyse this topic which is invisible but we apply it for our greed without knowing.I love to add my every chapter with some sort of real life experience which give a worthy expression which act as an evidence for me.

So it again came as a real life experience which use happen many times with us but we fail to see it because it happens unknowingly.

It is about a boy of 16 years in his initial age of shaping his life in a new direction. All things were good but he was having a habit to misdirect the things which is real but he makes it virtual by adding something else. It continued as his mind get contaminated over the time as he grew up. The thing which he do usually that he believes that creating a fight for any reason between the two people will make him popular on both the sides. But as the time passed the situation was different because one day he get exposed in this habit and was now a subject of hatred in friends circle which made him explicit in the society as well.

The actual fact that lies in his habit was that he was applying politics in his life and h believed that everything will be fair always.

It might be a stupid example for some of you but what i was trying to say might be clear now.

Applying politics does not mean you are wrong because sometimes politics can bring good results but think over the background by above example that your desire or greed are leaving any negative impact of yours in others heart- if “yes” then try to make your desires obedient and trust worthy so that people know you from your promises.


Scenario Behind Politics:  

I wrote this because, I have experienced the negative impact of politics in life and also seen many of the people who dive into the sea of depression because their trust are not respected because of their law of politics.

Only a simple request to all the readers that don’t possess the habit of applying politics because anyhow it left a residue of pain in other heart and mind.

I know that everyone wants to be good in nature, liked by everyone and respect from others. So, i hope you will change and become a cause for others to change.



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