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We the TEAMPEPHOUR have initiated towards a change in the society of India towards every next problem faced by people in their daily livelihood. We believe that with some sort of things which gives a reason to smile is enough to make them happy with little comforts also.

Nowadays every other NGO is taking an innovative step towards this lateral issue. The TEAMPEPHOUR is here to share some of its work among people in Bhubaneshwar who live in a scarce of proper food and clothes. (Now we are not a part of any of the NGOs)

We have thought of visiting certain places where needy people are being found and our volunteers will become a reason of smile to them.

TeamPepHour wants a full support towards this cause so that we can reach to each one of them who needs our bit to smile.

So let us join this Diwali for the cause which will be a great deed of your life. I hope your support will make us stronger in doing our activities effectively.

As a support to this cause you can donate how much you want. There are no conditions for it.If you want to donate other things you are welcomed for this.

We hope that our words will be a precise request to you for which will work as a cause for certain needy people this Diwali.

ThankYou                                                                                                                                                                 CONTACT US:

TEAMPEPHOUR                                                                                                                                                            AJAY SINGH

                                                                                                         CEO, PEPHOUR






DEEPAK KUMAR: 9692328590

     For Proof visit us at:       http://pephour.com

You may also get it on:       https:/ facebook.com/pephour

Twitter:        @TeamPepHour

Thanks For Your Contribution!! (Donation Link Expired Now)