One of the major problem for the youth of the country is they don’t aim for their future. Everyone have a bundle of work to do for their comfort and refreshment and different activities which do not need an aim.

Are you serious about your aim? It’s great if you are saying “yes” or on the other side making a silence call in your mind that “what rubbish I am saying?” There is nothing to confuse about so, moving on to further talking to know the exact use of TPP rule.

TPP rule is not related to any production plan criteria or market scheme. You can say it as a most important rule for sure success in life.so let us see this rule in deep so that it can remark its effect in your life.


Thinking about something to make it as an interest is not like choosing a ball in a probability chapter of mathematics. Our mind is subconscious and more we think the more we get from it.

From our childhood we go through thousands of such activities which is anyhow a passion or profession for someone. But what’s the problem to choose one from it. The next para defines it so read it carefully and you will get to know the actual faults.


The simple problem lies within our surrounding which follows a trend and it is being imparted to our mind time and again that the rest of the world is following, you also have to follow same thing. Our mind act fastly to those stuffs which are repeated every time around us.

Thinking for an aim is just simple as to choose the best one from the stock of the fruits because you already know the color, aroma and the quality of the best one. The case is same here for your aim.

Every brain have some talent sleeping inside it.we just have to awake it, think about every possible activity you do and you feel refreshed even for hours and you really care for it which results in surplus achievements.

Whenever you read any success story of any person then the person must have shared his experience of thinking of his views before executing it, because our mind is a portal to hold and create several ideas.

So look for the those activities which you love to do several times without being bored and which gives you constant positive energy for conquering the toughest of all easily.



Every possible thinking must be planned accordingly before its execution because our unilateral thinking which is default in every one of us says that it act as a brain storming for us.

The concept of mapping the ideas into different priority levels makes us enable to get the best aim to choose in which you can excel.


When I had started writing for the first time it was just my thinking till then. I found it as a passion which I really care and found it as a enjoying part of my life, I got my aim to be a writer and then my plan was ready for the execution and the further action because random option was not going to help me reach all of the world.so plan your thinking for the optimization for your ideas for the sure shot success in your life.

3rd Rule –P (Practice)

I have observed many of people that they love to dive the sea of fantasy. I thought of this process as I noticed one of my batch mate having lots of interest but he never think of his aim. I got 3 instance from him which is shareable to all.


It was time of November, as I use to live in Bhubaneshwar, Odisha, India for my higher studies with my batch mate. The weather is somehow warmer in November also so we have a habit of an evening walk. One day we were out for a walk and were moving near a local market. As we moved towards the center of market my friend saw 2 muscled guys coming out from the gym, at that time a desire emerged in my friends mind that he should also go to gym because he was too healthy at that time, so he decided to work out from coming week.

We returned to our flat and my friend was just talking about the location, timing, food stuff and many more related to gym for the next two days. He went to that gym to ask the course fee and diet plan. When he returned to the flat he was with doubtful smile because he came to know that with 8 hours of classes how he will manage the time&fee of the gym.so he dropped the idea.


It was not too far from the first one but it occurred after few months in March the next year. What happened actually that my friend went to his college’s annual tech fest.it was a time to enjoy those 3 days. On the last day there was a performance of a band show was organized in his college.my friend was mesmerized by the performance and mostly by the guitarist. When he returned to the flat he was only wondering to become excellent guitar player.

The next day he was eager to find the guitar tutor nearby the locality and was scrolling for the guitar on his laptop. He was talking too fine about guitar and its majestic tune.


I Arranged The Guitar The Same Evening And He Was Surprised To See It And Snatched It From My Hand. With A Burning Desire To Learn To Play Guitar His Hands were sticked to the strings Of The Guitar  And He Started Playing And Believe Me It Was Like A Small Child Who Was Enjoying With It But When The Passed, I Asked Him That If He Wants To Become A Guitarist Then He Must Have His Own Guitar Then He Again Started On Thinking About The Expenses And Finally He Again Looses His 2nd Hope Due To His Own Less Confidence To Manage The Problems Which Were Standing In Front Of Him.


As all the roommates of fond of technology and our most of the time was attached with internet .one random day we all were just talking about the success of great e-commerce like flipkart ,amazon,myntra,snapdeal,shopclues,eBay jabong and others that how these are counted among the greatest name in field of online marketing.

One of my friend thought of opening a website to sell computers devices & storage devices and started to find out the cheapest bulk store for it.after 3 days of rush behind all these things….what to say?, you know the answer by above two instances.

You might be thinking that what’s the motto behind sharing these experiences with you. The only aim behind it is to make you aware about the mistake which my friend did every time.

He was perfect in thinking his choices, his plans were fair but the main obstacle was lying in the concept of nonpracticing  those thoughts. There were mistake every time in practicing those plans to make it happen which can be a call for difficulties and problem, but it can be resolved by fighting with it.

He must have managed the time for gym if he would have started it, learning guitar is not a big deal if he would asked for buying a guitar and also for a business we have to fight every single day and the plans are only executed if we start to practice it.


My interest of writing was just a thinking but I planned that it would be somehow beneficial to those who need right path.so, I started to practice it, without any fear of falling because

“Without Failure, Nothing Can Be Achieved With A Taste”

Forgot those people who question you about your talent, you will find most of time that you are surrounded by many people who say that cannot do this work and that work.

I hope my words are valuable who give some importance to it and can change the world by changing the human which lies inside everybody which only needs an inner call to add up more strength which you have.


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  1. Its good as your other blog posts : D, thanks for putting up. “The real hero is always a hero by mistake he dreams of being an honest coward like everybody else.” by Umberto Eco.

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