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Have you ever noticed anyone smiling when the person is being scolded? The answer would be “NO” in almost all the cases. Our mind has a powerful filter which separates emotions and it comes as a smile, anger, worry or the most common of all “tears”.


Our heart judges every bit of sentence which we listen but why is it so that every good, beneficial or worthy thing always hurts.

It is not an interesting topic but what make it interesting is your mindset to read whole of it.

I am saying that true things are always ignored. Let me take you to a very small kiddy example

A boy who is habitual of eating fast food daily is being scolded by his mother to eat normal healthy food. What do you think about this situation? The answer is known to everyone because we lie in same situation sometimes.

The mind of that boy is set to eat plenty of fast food but when it comes to healthy one’s the hunger is lost because a bit of that food fills his stomach.

You might be thinking that what silly example, I had given but wait have a little bit of patience and move on to the next one may it will affect your mind.


Think of a situation when somebody is smoking or drinking. All of the population anywhere in the world knows that it cause damage to their body, then also this truth is ignored.

We know that making surrounding dirty will make a place of creation of several diseases but then also wastes are thrown here and there. So what do you think, Why this truth is ignored?

Every teenager knows speeding his bike will lead to an accident and may cause an end to his life then why this truth is ignored?

Every youth of India knows their potential about their thinking and learning, and then also 70% of the youth are crowded for doing engineering, inspite of knowing that this will darken their future then why this truth is ignored?

In every high class family parents know that their kids are sticked to computers, television and cell phones from a small age and it will cause a great damage to their healthy in the future. So why this truth is ignored?

Let me tell the most precious truth that is money which is treated as greatest of all and matters everybody’s life and this money is a great factor hindering all the given examples. If we think ourselves as a human being rather than considering as a rich, poor or middle class person, they your mind will take new turn.

My thought process says that whatever I will write, it is from my heart, because I know that while writing, nothing is going to stop me because I never ignore this truth of mine that I have it in me.

May your thinking does not meet my one. I think I would surely say I have written this to make you aware that don’t ignore the truth of life because cheating to your life will make you fall in trouble one day.

I never feel bad even if you shout at my articles or say worst ever read because I am inspired by the word inspire because I get an infinite powers in me as the word itself says “In SPIrit of Emotions”.

Whenever I write any article I read one quote every time which motivates me and make me feel full of determination and I feel that it’s my daily spoon of motivation which will exist forever.

“First they will laugh at you

Then they ignore you

Then they fight you

Then you win”

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