Importance Of Money For Youth


The revolution for our entire life depends upon one of the most important things that is money, without it we cannot move an inch for our survival. I have heard that many years ago there were nothing to give importance like money, everything was done by Barter system but as the era changed, everything got changed.

This topic is for youths that will make them understand the benefits of money and the misuse of money they are doing.


Many of you will think now that, it is useless reading this article because if you are not misusing your money then you will continue with a hope to get some important of it.

The idea of this article came when I was with my two friends sitting in a park talking about the conditions of our home that we feel guilty to ask money for monthly expenses because in course of time when 3 of us are far from our home we got our illusion broken into pieces and reality was in front of us that even a single penny was now so important that we keep it so safe as if it was like a “GOLD IN GARBAGE”.


Coming over the topic that what is the importance of reading this? What you are going to get from this? Till now many of us are not self dependent for our work, but as the time passes the scene of responsibilities is to be carried by every one of us. In course of living in home we don’t have the worry of the present and the future because our mind is set that the source of income is already there, means the income source of the house.

But sometimes many of us might have faced such situations in which the real importance of money is reflected in front of our eyes, that time we act as an owner of our situation because everything in controlled by us is that specific time.


Let me tell you clearly about how youth plays an important role in relation of this topic. The use and misuse are the two sides of the situation but are we enough conscious that we only use the money. Think about it, and I observed a many of the youths that if they got irritated by these terms then understand one thing that he or she have used their bright mind to misuse their parents money.

There are lots of examples to say but what for if youths of the entire world are doing the same thing. A little bit of awareness is required to get an outcome of this problem.

I know that many of us have a burning desire to become a millionaire but look at every successful person, that they haven’t use their mind in misusing money but their useful things are now used in misusing our minds and money.


The approx solution to this problem is that what to do if you found yourself in these situation, nothing to think more, the most easiest way is share your every problem with your parents so that from today your misuse can become a use for you and your surroundings.

I have no intention to act as a great philosopher but a desire that I can make the ignited minds the youths of the world to use their costliest resources so that it can help them to enrich not to destroy.


Success lies in those feet

Who desire to use the occasion and not misuse it?”


Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach


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