3 Pillars of Positive Relationship

3 pillars

Every relationship lasts just because of positivity present inside people.

Everybody wants a perfect partner, family or friends, just to live their life in a simple way.

I am making you aware about 3 pillars of positive relationship which is already between us but we fail to apply its correct meaning.


1st Pillar-FAITH

It’s not a new word to be explored by you but difference is that when others face failures on some beliefs they discard the attention towards faith. Most of us think that keeping faith on god will make our problem solved as soon as possible, but every wound is different.

Think about it every wound takes different time to be healed, so why not our problems, it is also similar to that wounds because our problems gives us pain. Faith mean to belief something which is going to happen instead of worrying when it going to be happened.

Let me tell you a small story may it explains you about the faith more clearly

Once there in a village, there was a condition of drought. Everybody in the village was dying for rainfall. Villagers decided to worship god for this problem. All villagers came to a big ground for worship with a desire that god will help us, but in whole village only one boy came with an umbrella because he had a faith that rain will come.

Our belief and this boy’s belief may be different but both are connected with faith.

I am no one to teach you, I can only share my views that for every positive relationship keep a belief of results to be positive and everything will be fine.

3 pillars

2nd Pillar-Trust

We always say that “Trust me” whenever we are trapped in wrong situation. This emotion is like a rope between two humans that makes them together even if they are at long distance.

But when I observed many of the people, I came to know that trust is a temporary feeling which is exhibited only when the person is in front of other. If they are separated the tensile strength of trust start to get weaken.

Let us come over an example to discover what trust really means.

Whenever we make a small baby jumped into the air the baby smiles freely because baby had a trust that we will catch him/her.

Don’t ever judge the trust by the distance because

   “Trust take many evidences to built

      But one doubt to break”

3rd Pillar- Hope

We always have a prediction or desire to fulfill our emotions and we have only single feeling that it will be completed is only hope. Our heart says different things for a single situation but hoping for a thing is sometime good and bad also. Because if you don’t have faith and trust you cannot have hope for some things.

Hope is also related to to our life, let’s see how..

Most of us sleep by putting an alarm, just because in hope that we will wake up the next morning.

Hope needs to come in action if we have a faith and trust on something.

3 pillars

These 3 pillars can make your relation so strong that whatever may be the situation you can fight with courage and such potential which makes you hard enough to tolerate anything.   

Ajay Kumar

Author | Entrepreneur | Motivational Speaker | Life Coach | Business Coach

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