From our childhood we are being taught about the strongest things, strongest humans, strongest animals and many more but nobody is aware that the most POWERFUL THING in the world is our MIND. See everything around what we are using, what are eating, sleeping on, enjoying and many more, everything is creation of mind and this powerful thing can also be controlled by us. Mind cannot be defined by any terminology. It is a machine which creates INFINITE THOUGHTS day to day. Every possible action from our ACTION TO EMOTION is within our mind, so why are we unable to control it.



Our mind is that mine from which we can dig such huge amount of resources which is priceless. Think about every invention till now is it god gifted or came from the priceless mind which we have. The fact that we lack in using our mind is that we are now HABITUAL to do something which is already prepared and now we don’t even know about the start and end of the any process we just keep on moving with pre-programmed situations prepared by others. We don’t even know that our mind is programmed from childhood with many MYTHS, BELIEFS and we feel proud to carry these useless stuffs throughout our life.



The ACTIONS we perform in our daily life are just a consequence of our mind. Every possible DECISION of what to do or not is done by our mind inspite of it we take help of others in completing our work. We cannot decide how important our decisions are rather than how we act upon the working with current situations of our undesired matter of life. The actual art of work depend upon the interest of the mind so that we catch the ACTUAL INFORMATION OF OUR SURROUNDING ACTIONS.

Control Room of our Body

It is quite interesting for many of us that whenever we study we do not remember it for long time but the songs we listen is being remembered by us even after many years. This shows that our mind is extensively a LARGE HARD DISK which contains lots of information but the thing is that everything we read or listen goes to background just as ANDROID APPS goes in background. My motto of writing this article is to make everyone AWARE that our mind is very powerful and it can be used for many things in our life.

The CONSTRUCTION AND DESTRUCTION everything is being carried by our mind. The correct decisions are always making us unhappy in start but if we move on to that it ends with joy and happy times in the life. So readers use your powerful mind to take correct decisions in life because your decisions, your mistakes, your failure means No regret but others decisions, your mistakes, your failure, you will have to regret...”

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